Women are like Hurricanes….

Look, I appreciate all of this malarkey, regarding how we came about naming storms, especially after women….but really, think about it…woman are like storms. Why is it that some women and women’s rights groups got together to say NO NO NO? I heard a quote once and I loved it, in fact, I use it all the time! “Women are like a hurricane, at first warm, wet and wild but in the end they take your house and your car and leave you with nothing.” …my personal favorite…and in most cases, come on, it’s the truth. Compared, they say women are like hurricanes.

 However, truth or not, they tend to make us out to look like the worst thing ever…”the bad guy, the thief that took everything I worked my entire life for” bla bla bla, cry me river…oh, I’m sorry, what about “the woman who bared your children, ironed your clothes, washed your clothes, cooked you three meals a day and put up with all of your shit over the years?” Even with hurricanes, it takes a lot to stir them up and cause so much commotion. I can relate. My marriage was a storm surge. I wasn’t the easiest to get along with, but then again, he wasn’t making it easy. It takes two to make a marriage work and two to make it fall apart. Just the same with a bad storm, a tropical cyclone, or even a hurricane…it’s the name that you remember, and all of the bad crap that lead up to the massive blow. (sound familiar? ever been in a relationship/marriage like this?)

 How about  Hurricane Michelle, October 2001. ( I like that name, it’s one of my personal favorites) Here’s the thing…women bitch about not being heard, and they they compare us to a storm or a natural disaster and we bitch some more. Why? We want to be loud and right all the time. We want to win the fight and have the last word…so they compared us to storms and hurricanes…so what? Why are so many women offended by this? Make up your mind…you want to be the bad ass, you want to have the last word, and your want to leave your mark when it’s all said and done, do you not? Tell me then, how do you want it because we can’t have it both ways. Like that old saying goes….”Don’t Mess with Mother Nature!” Ladies, “we” are a force to be reckoned with.

 If you are in a state where this Hurricane Irene is heading, or has hit already, stay in, stay safe, and don’t try to be the hero. Let the storm pass. Stay out of harms way. I was watching my favorite weather guy Jim Cantore on the Weather Channel and his team of guys reporting the storm in various places…Jim we have followed you for years! Jim and his team with the weather channel were speaking of  the many idiots out on the roads horsing around, at bars drinking and partying, and OMG surfing! Do you surfers have rocks in your head, or did you smack your nugget on a rock? Why do so many people look at these strong storms as a challenge to do stupid things?Are you all idiots?

 Keep in tune with the weather and Hurricane Irene at http://www.weather.com/  My family has battled this being our 9th hurricane in the past 22 years. Having ocean front properties we were accustom to bad storms and although they are bad, they phase us less now, but their severity is still just as harmful. My son is in NYC. Who would have ever thought they’d get such a hit? Honestly,That black cloud follows me everywhere I go. The storms were always on the east coast near NC, and SC. My daughter moved to Houston Texas a few years ago, I planned my trip and a week later,..poof! Hurricane Ike. Guess what…I bought my plane ticket and in 3 days I am to leave for NYC for my first real visit with my son since his move and look…Hurricane Irene.

 Where did naming hurricanes and tropical storms come from? Who decides to give hurricanes particular names and where did the idea arrive from? In the early 1970s the National Weather Service for their hurricane naming system, declaring, “Women are not disasters, destroying life and communities and leaving a lasting and devastating effect.”

 A storm strenghtens as it grows. Women strengthen as we get smarted, angrier, and when things get intense…boys you’d best run for cover! Women are like a storm,…”We can, and we will rain on your parade if you make us mad enough!


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