Are You Sugar Daddy Material?

Do you live with some adventure? Are you ready to live the life of the sugar daddy? Are you ready to race in the fast lane – working long hours to reap the rewards of a high paying career, driving fast cars – luxury roadsters from the world’s most reputable and sought after manufacturers – and of course meeting great women? This is not something that is all that far fetched. As a matter of fact, for many, it is within reach. How do I know this? I am the owner of an elite and exclusive dating site and I can assure you that there are men just like you that have wondered from time to time if he was capable, and had what it takes to be a Sugar Daddy. Please note, the word is one to be respected. It is for the men who have the money and the means to take care of and or support a sugar baby. This term IS NOT for the “wanna be’s” that flash their profiles around the internet but haven’t a clus as to what a real sugar daddy does or how one acts, bot professionally and personally. Most real sugar daddies are not the type that have to “flash” anything at all. They are reserve and modest to a degree, but never flaunt by any means.

 I have always said “Put your money where your mouth is!” My grandmother always said….”A man who has to brag about all that he has, must not have that much!”  No women like a phony man, so be real, be sincere, and allow me to assist.

Take a closer look at the life you are living if you are sugar daddy and what he does:

1. focuses on establishing himself. This means taking an early interest in education and how to put the information and skills that he learns to work for him;

2. dedicates himself to doing the hard work. This means committing to his job, working his way to the top – often becoming successful much more quickly than his peers;

3. sets goals and achieves them.  A sugar daddy makes his list of goals – goals for travel, income, cars, homes and even experiences – and then commits to achieving his goal, one step at a time; and

4. knows that he needs companionship. In the case of a sugar daddy, most often, this companionship often comes in the form of a sugar babe or sugar baby; a beautiful woman – often a bit younger – for whom the sugar daddy can care and take care of. Beware though of the women who are blood suckers. They want your  money….that is the bottom line….the gold diggers who inthis case seem to think that they can now push the “I want” Card to the limits. My advice,….find a woman who asks for has requests, but have little need to beg. A real sugardaddy will know when to make her happy….so the woman need not ask. 

In other words, becoming a sugar daddy means making a commitment to a lifestyle. It is so true that this lifestyle comes with wealth and glamour. It’s a lifestyle that lends itself to driving fast cars. It’s a lifestyle that comes with a fashionable home that is stylish inside and out. It’s a lifestyle that is dressed designer clothing and shoes and accented with the right jewelry – a sharp ring and a great watch. But it’s not a lifestyle that comes without a price…..Oh no fellas, that price is commitment. It is being well educated, and working long hard hours… means always putting in more than everyone else ….sometimes tackling the more challenging projects because they come with the greatest rewards as wall as being willing to sacrifice relationships for getting to the top.

Though some of those relationships exist within the workplace, some sugar daddies find that relationships outside of the office suffer as well. They maintain friendships, and can make the time they need to get out and spend time with the guys. Some have trouble with dating as well. Most men/sugar daddies find their sugar babies on the Internet.

This isn’t because there is a shortage of beautiful women. It isn’t because there is a shortage of younger women who do not want to be seen with a great-looking, talented and successful guy. In fact, it’s merely a matter of meeting the right woman – an honest woman, a woman with dreams and goals that mesh well with your own. Finding that woman is – like all goals of sugar daddies – it is quite possible. If you can find the right woman that provides all that you desire and you have chemistry, you’d better hang on to her! Remember also, like anything else….good things must come to an end. In some cases these relationships just dissolve….and in others the sugar baby was actually in this NSA relationship with you while she was dating a man. With have a partner that is a no strings kind of guy, it means that you have a life of your own to do as you please and there are more times that sugar daddies come to me in search of a new sugar baby because his got engaged, married or too a job and was ready to move on. Happiness is quite possible! You need not wear your money on your sleeve flaunting it around… can find a great woman if you take the time, and be yourself!
The Eagles sang it best, you live “Life in the fast Lane!” Welcome to Sugar Daddy Land!



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