Do you Know how to Seduce a Man?

You know,…..Seducing a man is not as difficult as it seems to be. It is very easy to get “your” guy to notice you. But you want a particular man to notice you! The trick is to leave the guy unsatisfied…yes you read it right. Unsatisfied is the word over here. Leave him intrigued so that he craves for more. Make him go nuts because he wants to see you……tease him, taunt him, and show him a taste of naughty….JUST A TASTE! If you give too much too fast, you will blow it….men love the chase. If you string him along somewhat, he’ll feel that he needs to do more to win your affection because your schedule is so busy. He’ll just want that time with you….so play this out right! That is what will make him even more attracted towards you. Here are ideas for enticing men that’ll make you an expert in how to seduce him. Follow our “tips to seduce a guy” and walk away with your prized trophy!

 Tips On Seducing A Man

 Create the Right Environment

Seduction is best done is a sensual atmosphere. Make sure you are in a place where there is not much distraction like loud music, too many people and bad ambiance. The best environment for seduction is candle- lit dinner and soft music. You might want to light some candles and have soft music playing too! It sort of sets the tone for the evening.

 Confidence Counts

Men like women who are confident about themselves. So, straighten those shoulders, put your nose up in the air and walk with that confident swagger. Be careful not to overdo it else it may look arrogant instead of confident. Amidst all this, do not forget that an excellent posture would be an add-on.

 Eye Contact

Eyes can communicate emotions. They are the windows to our soul. Lock him in a captivating glance and make sure you “speak” with your eyes. My grandmother always used to say that if you are connected physically to a person you can speak with your eyes, and never have to use your mouth. Maintain a steady gaze. Do not gawk or stare. You don’t want to make him feel uncomfortable in any way.

 Play Hard to Get

Don’t be too obvious in showing your interest in a guy. Ignore him every now and then. But don’t be so cold that the guy loses interest in you. Giving him space would be a good option for both of you. While you get time to observe him, he gets time to “miss” you. All women love to be missed. You know that saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

 Looks that Kill

Slip on a sensuous dress, do something different to your hair, wear those dangerously high stilettos and apply some make up…a little, not a lot. Accentuate your attractive features like eyes, lips or neck. If you find yourself gorgeous in the mirror, consider half of your job done! Don’t forget your delicates, your sexy lingerie, you know,k those favorite pieces of womens intimate apparel from Simply Delicious Lingerie! How about some thigh highs and garters? Soft and sexy…..

 Modulate your Tone

Nothing is more seductive than a gentle yet sensuous tone. Whisper something in his ear like “You look so handsome tonight” in that seductive tone. The guy will not only be flattered, but this will set the romance tone of the date….soon he’ll want more!

 Just Flirt

Flirt by all means. Tell him he looks like a Greek God, but sound genuine. Men love it when we feed their ego! Blink your eyes to look vulnerable yet hard to get. You can slightly touch him on the shoulder or the wrist while laughing, but don;t make too much contact….not yet….. Again, don’t overdo it. Men don’t like being pushed. Engage in a good conversation and give your viewpoints instead of nodding your head constantly to his.

 Smell Good

Make sure you smell really good. Pull out all the stops and wear that perfume that makes you smell like a million bucks. DO NOT spray the perfume directly on yourself. Spray it in front of you and immediately walk through the mist. This makes sure it is not concentrated on some places and you smell good overall. Remember, this is the scent that he’ll remember long after you are away from him. Men find it seductive when we smell good. It’s like an aphrodisiac.

 Unwind a Bit

 Pour a glass of wine, sit down and relax. Tease him at the table….rub his leg, smile, wink….lick your lips….men find that to be quite the turn on ladies….do it nice and slowwwwwwwww….just let things happen.



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