Find the Perfect Fit

On the contrary to what many define a modern day princess….I am your not so typical Cinderella type seeking her Prince….I want a man who can “show me the magic!” Unlike so many women, I’m “not” searching for a man with deep pockets, ultimately it’s not the monetary value I’m after. What I’m in search of is true chemistry and companionship. Sure I want the refined fairy tale….but without all of the red tape. My glass slipper can only be found on high end avenues.

 My “wishes” – have always been to find a genuine man I can communicate with, share laughs. Where is the man who can’t wait to see me at the end of the day and the one who is thrilled to see me when he awakens? A man who can understand me well enough to read me like a book, who can look deep into my eyes and read my thoughts, to finish my sentences. I want many things that most women seek and desire, however, I won’t settle, nor should you ladies…. I wish to be courted because I am old fashion in many ways and I want a true gentleman. I demand respect, and you should too. A life full of joy, happiness and everlasting love….

 While some call me a mystery, others call me a real handful. That be as it may, my character has been defined as both sexy and sensual. I’m confident, classy, educated, sexy, witty, charming, spunky. Insistent, persistent, alluring, intriguing, enthusiastic, influential, independent, shameless, skeptical, well rounded, not at all easily intimidated. Find what defines you, and explore your possibilities. Beware of the man with the fast tongue and empty promises. If you believe this is love, you must have fallen off the turnip truck too hard and smacked your nugget on the pavement.

 You can have the best of both worlds. When you find your missing piece to the puzzle, finally everything connects, and your life changes for the better, simply because he is in it. Don’t stop searching ladies until you find the right one,  be a true connoisseur of romance in search of her one in a million. We have various dresses and gowns for any type of Cinderella ball at Simply Delicious Lingerie. I’ve learned throughout lifes difficult lessons to be true to yourself because your words and your actions speak loud and first impressions are everything. I seek glitter, glamour, and a lifestyle made for two people that are happy just being who they are….I wat for that one man who will sweep me off my feet, and make all of my dreams come true……Never give up, he’s out there…..and the thing is….he has probably been waiting a life time to meet you! Search for your perfect fit, your glass slipper, whatever the brand or type may be…..



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