Internet Dating

Why Internet dating? I encourage it! I say; “Why the hell not?” It’s easier, hassle free, and fun! There is something about posting a profile and photo and waiting for return mail that gets a gal all fired up! Trust me, I have tried out several dating sites, for reasons considered to be of business. Yes, I researched them all, or as many as I could. I went from free dating sites, to paid monthly memberships to sugar daddy sites….even looked into “seeking arrangements” sites. Why? I didn’t want to feel tied down and wanted “no strings”…it was that simple. Wrong? No….why would it be? Isn’t it better to try things out and realize that you don’t like them vs. getting involved with someone and then realize you jumped in too soon with both feel and now you’re stuck in quick sand? On line dating, long distance dating, it’s all the same……..because we spend a majority of our time communicating via the computer, IM’s, emails, Web Cams…

 Long distance relationships and dating is good and it occurs when two people live far apart from each other and are unable to see each other but on holidays, weekends, or on vacation. Says who? It might be that you live two blocks away and you don’t even know it…..we get busy in life, and sad as it is, we just don’t have time to go out and do everything we want to do anymore….so then, how do we find a good partner?

 For many, long distance dating can be very difficult for relationships if the people want to be together more often. Some people enjoy long distance relationships because it gives them the time apart from each other

to fully appreciate each other when they are able to be together. I used to always say, “keep him at arms length” …then you won’t get sick of him in a hurry…..and you’ll miss him a little and really look forward to seeing him again next time!

 Some long-distance dating may not last a long because they are too difficult or one of the people in the relationship may end up moving closer so they can be together.When couples experience long distance dating they are usually able to see each other on the weekends if the distance isn’t too far apart.

If the couple is too far away to be able to see each other on the weekends then they will use their vacation time from work and see each other on the holidays. Whenever they can get the time available they will see each other.Many people take advantage of airline miles and earn free tickets to fly and see their significant other when they are long-distance dating. It’s fun actually flying here and there,…but yes, after time it gets to where you are worn out. What then? Well…couples are able to communicate by phone, email, and other methods, but they can only see each other when one of them are capable of traveling. Long-distance dating can be difficult for some people if they find they want to see more of the other person and the distance is just too far.


However, it can be good for a relationship to have the time apart because when they do see each other the two are extremely happy to be together and they don’t take each other’s time for granted. On line dating allows us to test the waters and do multiple dating….who needs to know right? Be careful,…it may back fire on you! take it from a woman who has had experience in that department. Lesson learned!

 When I first divorced several years ago, Internet dating was just getting started. I remember my mother telling me not to even consider Internet dating as she had heard stories that were back turn outs and she didn’t want me to become another statistic! Silly parents….some truth to that though. My advice; be careful, if your gut says something doesn’t feel right, then it’s not right! Take it slow, not fast…….nothing good ever came out of speed dating other than a one night stand or a lot of miscommunication.

Rule #1, and if you can’t follow this….don’t waste someones time, that’s not nice…..

Be nice, be honest….no one likes to get their hopes up about a person because his profile was “on fire” and his photo was over the top….trust me again here….you know how that saying goes; “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!” Why on earth do men and women post photos from 10-20 years ago? Do they think we’ll see that same person when we do finally meet? Are they afraid to show that they have aged? I don’t know about you but I met a man once who had the perfect bio. He had his shit together….or did he? He as a player all right, and a terrible one at that. Lies up the ying yang….stories that only a pro could make up and I saw through it all….luckily I had lots of experience from my past and from the research I started  a few years back for my own person venture…..A thought came to mind while all of this was going on;

 Note, I don’t discourage Internet dating, or speed dating…actually it’s changed so much over the years that now, if I really wanted to meet a man, I might consider it. I think people deserve to be happy and share their time together. Had it not been for the Internet now, Face Book for me actually….I might not have met/or been reacquainted with someone that was from my past years ago….thanks to the Internet, I saved him from Internet dating,…and meeting the “wrong woman”… hopefully he is happy just being with me? Relationships are fun and exciting and not to be taken for granted.

 These are the beginnings of what can be a fairy tale come true or your “happy ever after” so gals, think long and hard before you “just settle” for someone……you have the world at your fingertips….take advantage of it. Never in a million years did I dream that fate would lead me back to where my life began; in a small town where the population is 45,000 having left a state that I resided in and where the population was 4.3 million. Big change….why the move? I missed home, and my path led me back here to Ohio. Follow your heart….you get these feelings for a reason….don’t toss them aside, you could be throwing out the best thing that ever happened to you!

Do the dating thing,….who knows you may just find your prince. You may have to kiss a lot of toads….but in the end, it might have turned out to be well worth the wait!




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