Is Your Business Eco Friendly? Go Green!

Are you green? Is your business green? You know…..Working from home can be a great alternative to a desk in a cubicle, but, as many people who try it will tell you, it isn’t as easy as slapping your laptop down on the dining room table. Says who? I work from every room in my house….and, while wearing a pair of PJ’s all day might sound nice, it doesn’t make the cut for many who work from home. Still, whether you embrace the romantic-sounding ideals of managing a home office or not, one thing remains true: It can be wayyyy greener than commuting to an office every day. In my case, my office is my home and my boutique, it’s web based. I can live or work anywhere on the globe. Furthermore, I save a great deal in a variety of ways an I recycle whatever I can, in fact, my staff all works from home. Simply Delicious Lingerie is all about saving and recycling. Go Green!

 From cutting out the commute to scaling back on unnecessary paper or energy use, there are tons of ways that working from home can help make you just as happy, healthy, and successful as you might be working in an office, but it isn’t quite as simple as inserting recycled paper in your printer tray. You’ll want to take action to insure you create and maintain a healthy home working environment, and do things like schedule sufficient breaks, to help keep your mind and body moving throughout the day. My get moving is “yoga booty ballet” gets the engery pumping and my blood flowing! It makes me more productive!

 And, while it’s easy to concentrate on the environmental benefits of working from home, the mental and emotional ones are sometimes just as important, which is while it’s important to carefully consider a space in which you can comfortably, productively work (and not just an empty closet you don’t have anything else to do with). The benefits-environmental, emotional, or otherwise can be myriad, so if you hate commuting, if you’re most productive outside a traditional 9-5 schedule, or if you just got laid off, then working from home might be the answer. While some of the green changes you’d make by skipping the office are obvious like cutting your carbon output by not commuting and saving on disposable lunch containers there are dozens more choices, from desks to chairs to pencils, paper,etc., that you can turn into an opportunity to support eco-friendly products. I live now in Youngstown Ohio and I set my recycle bin out once a week for pick up! Help make a better tomorrow today! By working at home we are big on Go Green with Simply Delicious Lingerie! We want to give back…let’s all do our part to assist in making the world a better environment!


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