Men and their 6 Packs….

Why do women love a man with a six-pack?…….Hello? This is old news, BUT just look at a man who has a six-pack? It’s incredible….the strength and determination one man must have to get so in shape says to us ladies, “we’d better hit the gym!” If they can have nice abs we can have tight asses and abs as well. Tired of the jello gigglers? I get frustrated so often…… I gain weight just looking at foods that are “less than good for you”….I go up and down…then menopause sets in and it just seems like the bottom falls out. Sometimes it sucks being a woman. Our hormones go from one extreme to another. Make it stop, I say!

So why? Why can men stay strong and achieve this? The look? The feeling that he is in tip-top shape? Or for the sex appeal that is brought out each time he takes his shirt off? ALL OF THE ABOVE!

Diet is key. Men tend to follow diets and better eating habits in my opinion. They have more will power. Why are women so often attracted to the man with the six-pack abs and what makes it just an important qualifier for a guy to be seen as sexual? Like creatures of habit, men are sexual. Even if they aren’t trying to be or look sexy, they do. I can look at a man in a $5000 suit and see sexy and I can look at a man with a 5 o’clock shadow in jeans and work boots and be just as turned on if not more so…..

There are all sorts of different answers to this, some of which are mutually exclusive and others that simply build upon each other. That said, if you were to ask a lot of guys why they think it is, they’d likely just tell you that they don’t care and whatever works, works. One popular theory is one that seems the most obvious. That has to do with the idea that women are turned on by guys with six packs for primitive reasons. It’s believed that girls are simply programmed genetically to want the guy with the clearly strong abs because of what it represents. Yup, the Macho Macho Man image…sexy, seductive and he’s got the look!

Is It Because Having  Six Pack Abs Means You Are Super Fit?

That this time gap in why men ignored their supposed primitive programming cannot be explained.

That brings us to the idea that the attraction could still be due to subconscious reasons that aren’t affected by genetic programming. The fact is that a man with a six-pack is a man who is in good physical shape. That tells any woman that he is likely a very healthy individual. It shows that he is also likely active and has a good diet.

Those things would therefore be what the women are finding attractive, and the six-pack is merely the thing that makes them subconsciously aware of them.

Here is Why You Should Have Six Pack Abs…….

Another explanation, one that can go hand in hand with the others, is purely sexual. There is a widely accepted idea that humans are driven by a thirst for pleasure, and for varying reasons a man with a six-pack can be viewed as a good lover, and therefore someone who should be sought out so as to fulfill a woman’s desires.  Discovering the true reasons for women’s attraction to six pack abs on men is purely an academic exercise. Men who are thinking of getting themselves into that kind of shape shouldn’t overly concern themselves with it.The bottom line has nothing to do with why women like it, ……(I’m sorry, I beg to differ on this one….I think that it has a lot to do with why a man works so hard getting a sexy/fit shape!) It builds a mans confidence and we all know that men loved their egos stroked.

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