Men….Why are they so Unpredictable?

Follow your heart? No….perhaps we really do need to follow our gut. Have you ever noticed that when things in your life are starting to go well; starting to come together, along comes someone who wants to bring you down? It could be a friend; it could be a close relative!Those sad and sorry types will try to bring you down to their level of gloom. Don’t let it happen. Trust me, they will find every excuse in the book to make you feel horrible, and tell you that it’s not you….they are right, it’s not you….it is them. They are the ones who will go to bed lonely at night and it will be those that wallow in their own self doubt. We can only try so hard and then we crack.


Don’t bother getting angry. Don’t bother trying to educate them, either, because they aren’t ready to listen to you, don’t barter, don’t beg, don’t whine….just walk away. They’ll have to figure that out on their own when they realize that the blame and gloom game does not get them anywhere good. When things are going well for you, you just keep on smiling. Stay sweet, stay the course, and don’t let those whiners, the hostile, and the just plain nutcases get you down. Believe me, they will try their best. Don’t take two steps forward to go three back…..


Yes, they’ll try to make your dreams fizzle; they’ll tell you it’s not going to work – whatever you’re trying, they’ve already done it, and it didn’t work. It’s not you, it’s them….you want to see the world and they won’t step foot on a plane. It hurts that someone you might have come to care for couldn’t have been honest months ago. It’s time to put this in your past and move on. Don’t waste your time on someone you never saw you saw as a hopeful when he never saw you as anything other than an option.

 Next year at this time, your life will be that much richer, and theirs will still be the same if not worse. And don’t spend your energy trying to save their sinking ship, because you are not at the helm of that ship – they are. If anyone is going to drive it straight into the deep blue sea, they will. Why? I have no idea. Fear of rejection? Fear of over anticipation followed by let down?

 Yes, life is full of problems. And??… and nothing. Nothing is ever certain, nothing is ever planned out, and nothing or no one can predict the future…so why worry about tomorrow when you haven’t made it through today? Don’t over analyze life and what may or may not happen, in the end you’ll find yourself alone, watching other happy couples and wondering why you can have what they to and the truth at hand is…you did have it, and you were on your way to a better kind of life and happiness, …..way to go….you threw it away, and for what? ……because you thought you had some differences? What about all of the similarities? I guess that with some people all of the good things you have and the enjoyable time together simply doesn’t matter….

 We can handle life and we keep going, why? It’s our mechanism and how it runs….Today, I am a workaholic, or so that’s what some call me….but that is only because I am tired of letting employers rule my life for a minimal salary. I deserve better. My life won’t always be like this and I do know when its time to walk away. I thrown my energy into my work because I haven’t had someone good in my life to make me want to do anything else…..I was quite content with my life for years until one day I woke up and decided that I was tired of people beating me into the ground, taking my ideas and putting their names on them to get the credit, and getting the promotions and raises while I stayed in a salary or at times even an hourly paying job barely making ends meet. I studied, got book smart, street smart and started my own business. Seems like once you start one, it paves the way to starting another. I don’t do this for me….No, I do this so that someday my kids will have life easier than I did and they will have something that I built from the ground up with all of my heart and soul. What better gift other than love can one ask for? In relationships, men turn our worlds upside down and then they decide that it;s not a good fit? Guess what guys, there isn’t a perfect fit. There will always be differences, and debates, but part of being in a good relationship is having our own opinions and supporting the other persons because you know that makes them happy. Why can’t we figure out men? What makes them so difficult to read? ….and why do they think we are the ones that are hard to read?

 Frankly, life is about failures, and learning….. that takes up almost 90% of it, whether it be in work or love – balance is the key…..then you just keep going. You don’t give up. You just try to be a better person, and the bigger person. We ALL have issues and we all have problems – but we can still be joyful and thankful for the good things in our life, our friends who will always be our friends, and for our family. My problem is……I want the fairy tale, I want prince charming, he doesn’t have to ride in on or horse or fly his own jet….I would have been happy with the man who was a soccer dad and lived a simple life because at heart, I am simple….it’s just sad that he didn’t see it because he was looking too far ahead…..and he couldn’t see the forest through the trees. Ladies, if this sounds familiar, don’t give up…..don’t stop searching for your own true happiness…..I don’t, why? I’m a dreamer. The Everly Brothers sang a song back in the 50s called “Dream”….so tell me then,……what are the chances of your mother playing that song just as you are closing your thoughts and trying to put them into words, its frightening…… Listen to the song,…you’ll have to archive it…it’s back from the dinosaur days…..but it has true meaning.




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