Saying “Thank You” for great Customer Service

From time to time you hear about companies that really treat their customers well, but very few times do we read about those wonderful companies. Why? We get lazy, we think talking about it is doing plenty, but is it, really? I think not. I’d like to tell you today about a gal named Skye who works for a wholesale company in California that I work with from time to time who literally goes out of her way to help me. She is always friendly and upbeat, and so nice to work with. She responds to my emails quickly and she calls me back prompty when I leave a message. Good quality customer service is what we strive for here at Simply Delicious Lingerie, as we should. Everyone wants to be treated well. I was raised to “treat others the way you’d like to be treated,” and that is my motto with my team members here at Simply delicious Lingerie.

 It is a great sense of comfort knowing that someone listened to your needs and is doing something about it. It’s even better when they go one step further and follow up. is a great company to do business with for womens apparel and wholesale items, and I just wanted to say “Thank You” to them for taking such good care of me when I need questions answered. I work with several companies in my combined businesses. Because of their honestly, patience with me, and their openness, I will remain loyal to them.

 These days, no one wants to remain loyal to anyone….but then again Michele Savin is just not anyone. I am sincere, kindhearted and have a great deal of integrity. I stand behind my company and my products. My mission is to please all of my customers, not just some of them, but ALL OF THEM! To give them confidence that we sometimes lack, especially us women who wear 10 different hats and are the multi-takers of everything! My goal is to remind them to do something nice for themselves once in a while, like shop at Simply Delicious Lingerie for high end lingerie and merchandise at affordable prices. It’s all about making a woman look good and feel good. Inner beauty is something special!

 If there is someone that you keep praising, and you always say like so many of us so often do …”Oh I should write to them and tell them how great their service or products are” ..Please, do it! Your voice does make a difference. To that one salesperson that has to tolerate our arrogance and ignorance sometimes it will mean the world to them knowing that you really were pleased with the company and services.

 I know…most often all we like to do is bitch. True fact….I get it. Since owning my businesses now for the past 5 years I try to make it a habit to say “I’m Sorry “or “Thank You” when necessary. When it is work related between myself and a vendor, or my website hosting company….I say to you now with great appreication Thank you! Had it not been for a great woman named Erica and her team at I would not have such a beautiful site today that is fully functional and easy to navigate. 

 Stay tuned we’re going to have a testimonial page for our vendors, customers and clients to talk about their experiences with our company as well as our staff. To all of the companies that wonder sometimes if they are rally making a difference, Yes…you are. Instead of calling or emailing complaints, which is generally what we always do…we  have a bad experience and right away say….”Oh I’m going to call/email them and give them a piece of my mind!”…Why not call and just say “Wow, thanks!” It’s time to applaude those who work day in and day out trying to fill your orders, to the physicians for keeping us healthy and taking care of us when we’re not, to those who market your products, to those lend you money and take care of all of your banking needs, to those whom you listen to on the radio day in and day out, the wait staff and managers of restaurants that service you and take your food orders, totheose who dry clean your clothes, service your automobiles, teach your childern day in and day out at school, provide daycare for your kids, etc…they all deserve some gratitude! To these people and so many more that I don’t have room to mention, we praise you and we thank you for all that you do! Go on…Make the call, write the email, and tell them “Thank You!”

Now is as good as time any.





© This article is a copyright of Simply Delicious Lingerie.


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