Simply Delicious Lingerie…Advertising Sex?

What A Lot of People Know

One of the best methods for selling a product or service, is to show a beautiful person in skimpy clothing. Why? Because usually people don’t care about the product or service at first, they only care about seeing more pictures of the beautiful model in the advertisement. An example, would be the Evolution of advertising that I discussed a while back, showcasing the trend and downward spiral of their advertising techniques. That is one of the most prime examples that anyone could ever show, because I have no doubt if you’ve surfed the Internet you’ve probably stumbled on one of the ads at some point. Simply Delicious Lingerie believes in advertising sex through it’s beautiful assortment of sexy lingerie. Our women’s intimate apparel is breathtaking.

Recently I had a discussion with friends about what a person would notice first upon entering a website, a picture of a beautiful woman, or the title of the article. What was he or she wearing, was it sexy, sassy, seductive, and sensual, or was it quite provocative? Does it really matter which of these it was? It just was!  According a recent poll 100% of the people surveyed voted for noticing the beautiful woman before the article title…does that really surprise you? Lingerie is, and probably will always be one of the leaders in the industry for sex and sex appeal. There is quite a difference however in the companies that advertise it and how they go about it.


I was never one for raunchy and trashy….does that sell? You bet it does, but I was raised more so with the flair to be classy and simple. I like the no make up, or very little, simple baby doll, teddy, or two piece bra and panty sets with garters and thigh highs look….I am still that old fashion gal that has respect for herself, and I take pride in my appearance, therefore my models should keep the look the same. We are selling alluring, intriguing and sexy, not trashy. We use great product placement  and our advertising is only with reputable companies. The lingerie that I sell, for the most part, middle class and even some high end material but we try to keep it at a mediocre budget. I’m not out to take the world by storm…and drain your wallets, I’d much rather prefer customers remembering me for my morals, value, and although mature look. Oh sure some of what I sell one might not consider ” entirely respectable”….that is the persons choice that is purchasing it. It is by no means dirty or trashy. Every woman has to find that one piece that fits her physique best. I believe that my business will succeed and do quite well, putting a women’s integrity first is and always has been motto, but if she has the confidence to wear that sexy lingerie that turn heads,…all the power to her!

 My personal conclusions? Yes, sex sells. There is a lot of money to be made by using sexually driven advertisements, but for me, I only have one problem. I have morals, and for some reason that’s always been a wall that I only peek around from time to time, but never climb over. Well, I’m not sure how long that wall will last, because from what I’ve noticed so far, is that this can be a potential money maker if used properly. So in truth, there is a substantial reason as to why advertising companies have used attractive and beautiful people for the advertising, it’s an attention getter!

 Ask Yourself This Question

When you see lingerie articles, what catches your attention first? Was it the article title, or the picture of the beautiful woman with cleavage and her booty? If this is anything like the other study I did earlier concerning the article title verse the beautiful women…. then I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the woman again. Do you see the advertising power here? I do! Sure there are those who say that advertisers only use pretty girls to sell….and they also say that there are other ways in the industry o f doing so……Really? Because last time I saw an ad for farm equipment it was boring to me,…now put a gal in a bikini set on that tractor with a cowboy hat on and watch your revenue soar! Can you say cha ching?




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