Simply Delicious Lingerie asks…..What is SEXY?

What is SEXY?


Here is what the dictionary says:

 sex·y  – adjective, sex·i·er, sex·i·est
 1) sexually interesting or exciting
2)excitingly appealing, glamorous, seductive
3)being erotically attractive to another

Here are some sassy synomyms I found related with “sexy” appealing, arousing, attractive, beautiful, charming, captivating, cute, darling, delectable, delightful, desirable, erotic, hot, luscious, passionate, seductive, steamy, suave, sultry, vivacious, voluptuous

 Individually the traits in and of themselves might not account for someone being sexy, but when combined, they may very well result in a “sexy woman”. For example, the fact that someone is simply “suave” might not necessarily make them sexy, but being suave & attractive & vivacious could easily do the trick (where “vivacious” is defined as “full of life”, and “suave” is defined as “charming”).

 Becoming a sexier woman is one way to step it up a notch…and if you’re not exactly sure how to do this, here are a few simply delicious tips to get you on your way;

 First of all, think about how other people see you? They see your body, your clothing, and the way you carry yourself,….. they see your personality. Let’s start with that.

 It’s important to understand that much of being “sexy” is atttitude!!! Every girl has it, you just may not know how to use it. We’ll get back to this one in a later article. Are you upbeat & enthusiastic? or are you constantly miserable & unhappy? Do you have self-confidence, or do you just blend in? Obviously it’s more enjoyable to be around someone who is full of life and pep, as opposed to someone who is always down, (lets call her Negative Nancy) so right there you can be more appealing simply by presenting yourself as someone who is a ton of fun to be around. Your reflection will rub off! When people are put in surroundings with happy people, they become happier. You can be silly, goofy and smart all at the same time…and if someone says you can’t …they haven’t a clue on how to multi-task!

 So step #1 on the path to being more sexy is to be a confident, charming & optimistic person. Listen,… a good personality is not all it takes — you have to look good too! It would be great to have the heavenly body, but reality, in most cases says we don’t. For me, in my mid 40s I have to work harder, and keeping in shape, exercising and eating healthy isn’t something I enjoy doing everyday…..

 2-3 days a week I pop in my favorite DVD Yoga Booty Ballet and work out for 15-20 minutes. If you are a newbie to this type of work out and it seems easy,…PLEASE don’t over do it. I was one of those women who watched it and thought, “Hmmm piece of cake…I’ll do it twice and get a better work out!” Wrong, wrong wrong….oh it felt good then but two days later when I couldn’t get out of my sunken bath tub without feeling pain as all of my muscles ached, I learned real quickly that this was a NO NO! My grandmother used to say, “Rome wasn’t built over night” in a sense, we don’t pack on extra weight in one day, it comes over time, so don’t try to get rid of it in one or two fast work outs. Make sure that regardless of how others look or feel, you need to take care of you! Eat more fruits, veggies, yogurts, and whole wheat breads (they have more fiber and vitamins)…speaking of, take vitamins!! Our body needs it!

 Where am I going with this? You don’t have to be a hot sexy goddess…. BE YOURSELF! Instead of comparing yourself to others, be the best that you can be, because if you want to be sexy, you must first be happy with yourself. This is essential! After that, trust me, everything else will begin to fall into place.

 Stay tuned for Step #2…..





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