Walk a Mile in My Shoes…..

As women, we find ourselves being tugged here and there and all over……some think that we can leap tall buildings, shelter everyone we love from harms way…. be mother/wife/career woman at the same time….Can we though?? Sure we can, it just takes a good plan and a lot of energy! Helen Reddy once sang “I am Woman”…….Oh yes, I am wise…but it’s wisdom born of pain, Yes, I’ve paid the price,….but look how much I gained……If I have to I can do anything! Such a great song, good meaning…so positive…you should all have a copy of this song and when you feel down or almost defeated, listen to it…it’s a great way to pump you up and encourage you!


Women ask all the time a lot how to find the balance being a mom, an entrepreneur, and the problem solver/fixer…..Balance is something we all struggle with. And it is by no means something I have perfected….I have faults and make mistakes daily…..but I learn what works, and what doesn’t work…..Balance is finding your happy medium and then being able to make it work on a daily basis. The being here and being there at the same time, the juggling of schedules to be at PTA and the board meetings. Tell me?….. What is sleeping in anymore? For most people a weekend is the time to catch up and rest, do things they like to do at their own pace, not like they do at the office 40-60 hours a week if not more….but where do most people find themselves on weekends…..in the rat race to “do-do-do” so that it’s out of the way for the next week. Its cut the grass, wash the cars, clean the boat, take the kids to ball games, grocery shop, etc.


 Now that I am sitting here thinking about it, of all of the times that I really challenged myself and stepped out of my routine or my comfort zone, most were pretty difficult for me. Do you ever feel as though you took three steps forward only to feel as though you fell two steps back? You aren’t the only one who feels this way…..welcome to life! Oh sure I have had my share of ups and downs…..who doesn’t? Had it not been for all of the things that happened over the course of the last several years….. it wouldn’t have brought me full circle to where I am today. Those times where everything felt “off” and where I felt anxious because I felt out of control in not knowing what the future held for me, those times really did make me stronger. That feels so cliche to write that. I can’t think of another way to say it though. Having faith in yourself You have to always have that positive attitude because trust me, there will be those who are standing around with their head up their asses just waiting to knock you down…..


So…. how do you attempt to balance it all? Well, my suggestion would be to figure out what works best for you, and what doesn’t, then try to become more efficient and schedule things daily. You may even resort to making a planner for the week, especially when it comes to planning meals, otherwise, you find yourself at fast food joints buying food that is so over priced and so so bad for you! I do have to admit that sometimes having that set schedule in front of you or on the fridge really helps.Oh,..But trust me, there are days where where everything seems like it is upside down and nothing is getting done. When you manage to find your “happy medium” it all seems to run much smoother.

 What I love more than anything is that taking this time to manage your life and  do an overview….it allows you to  fees like you’re on the right path. Ask yourself if you are  heading  in the direction you are suppose to be heading or are you wayyyyy off course? Sure you may stop a little longer here or there, just try not to rush past something else that is of importance. Find your  direction…which way are you going?…..and does it feel right.

 I’m lucky enough to say that I think I’ve found what I’m made for. Friends and family wonder often and ask me all the time how I do it? How do you find the time, and balance your lifestyle run businesses and still find time to tinker in your yard, try new recipes, travel, take those Sunday drives, etc? You make the time….Creating that schedule seems funny now but when you sit back and see what you have to do and allow yourself a certain amount of time to get it done, it truly does free up so much of your unused time, and save you stress! Take time to rest, gather your thoughts and decide what the next step is to take…..you can balance your home, family, and career….but not everyone does it the same way……find what works for you. Find the time to take that bubble bath, try that new sushi place, or go shopping for new shoes.

 I’ve learned that before you go criticizing someone else for their time and daily routines, try walking a mile in someone else’s shoes….it s NOT EASY!!





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