Yelp…My Greatest Recent Internet Discovery

Why did no one ever tell me about Yelp? When Yelp began in early 2005, where was I? This is a site that sounds wonderful, but until this past weekend while in NYC with my two kids, I had NO CLUE what it was? How can this be? I know…most people ask…”Who needs another site where people review restaurants and other local businesses?” My kids swear by this site. Now, after this past weekend, so do I. (everything you need to know about Yelp!)

 After doing some digging into it’s hostory…I actually learned that it is one of the oldest ideas on the Internet. Citysearch, the leader, continues to struggle to find a sustainable business model more than a decade after its founding. Start-ups like Insider Pages come and go. Big companies, from search engines to yellow-pages publishers, have long added user reviews to their local listings. Yelp however, has thrived. In March, it had 3.3 million users, according to Comscore, up 87 percent from a year ago. Citysearch still towers above it with 16.2 million users.

 Yelp was to spend most of its energy attracting a small group of fanatic reviewers. It didn’t subordinate the users’ contributions to professional reviews, as on Citysearch, or to directory information, as on yellow-pages sites. Instead, it structured the site to motivate people through the praise and attention that their reviews receive from others. Yelp is about the reviewing experience…it has been said recently that it is like a blog with a little bit of structure. It is my understanding that most people aren’t drawn to write a witty review of the scrambled eggs at the local diner simply to get their ego stroked. But enough people find it rewarding to turn Yelp into one of the richest repositories of local reviews on the Web. I did not know this..,shame on me. Simply Delicious Lingerie has a wine and cooking guru page and I love knowing that this is around! Now that I know who “Yelp” is, I plan to advertise Simply Delicious Lingerie and it’s sister companies.


Where have I been? Thank you to my kids for pointing this great site out. Soooo, here’s what I got out of Yelp! While visiting my son this past Labor Day weekend my daughter and I were out and about roaming the streets of NYC. Listen folks…if you go to the city…don’t bitch about the high prices…this only means that you got stuck in a “tourist trap” area. Instead of walking down the busy streets, go the the street behind it where traffic is less, and there are bars and restaurants for half the price with great staff just waiting for your patronage where you won’t pay an arm and a leg to feed your family!

 We ended up at the Irish Pub in Manhattan on Saturday evening to watch the football game, MSU vs YSU. I was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio and followed Jim Tressel for years while he coached Youngstown State University before going on to take the head coach position at Ohio State. (OSU.) My family are all buckeye fans. We love Sparty. My daughter a graduate of Michigan State University became a family rival now. I follow the team that I will forever be in debt for giving my children such wonderful educations. So, this pub…We were recommended to this quaint little pub from Yelp. I must say, the staff was great to us and I highly recommend this restaurant. The food is good and the atmosphere is even better!

 Such friendly people too I might add. I met a gentleman there named Gareth Campion who was in town from England with his entire football (we in the states call it soccer) team to play in a tournament on Roosevelt Island. Such a really nice guy! Cute too! It’s really ideal going to a city, any city actually and meeting new people. I have a personality that draws people in like a magnet…it’s who I am. Friendly, witty, and quite out going.  I was raised to be kind, and sociable. It was a pleasure meeting this nice young man and his teammates. I’ll always remember this nice guy because I have a photo of myself with him dressed in his Captain America Suit! That folks in another story, for another blog…

 This Irish Pub was the perfect setting to do just that. is their link. Check them out, and if you visit to NYC in Manhattan and are looking for a great bar that will play any of the Big 10 games…now you’ve found it! 839 7th Ave, New York, NY

 Thank You Yelp!

Best Wishes. Simply Delicious Lingerie



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