Just be YOU!

 Life is all about being yourself. Someone only you can be. Someone only you can understand. Someone that is unlike everyone else…. Someone who is extremely unique…. Because you are you. Be original, be creative, be yourself. So let me ask you this……Who are you?  No, it’s not a trick question and I am not asking for your name. I am also not asking for your résumé, marital status, or life history. Those things may be a reflection of who you are, but my question goes a little deeper than that.

 It seems to me that most people are not very in touch with their true self. From a young age we are asked: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  I think the emphasis should be more on “WHO” you want to be instead of what. In reality, “what” is just a role we play and it may have very little to do with our true identity as a person. So how do we align our life with our true self if we don’t really know who we are? Take a good hard look in the mirror. How can we harmonize our environment with our deepest values and passions if we have never discovered our innermost true self? Have you ever really dug deep to find these things out,…to determine what really makes you “you?” If you haven’t, might I suggest trying this now….you might be quite surprised at with what you find.

 Get to the Core…..Understand your strengths.  What natural abilities do you possess and which ones do you want to cultivate and develop? The strengths you have and those you develop are your personal assets. They give you a unique position in life and you need to be aware of them. I mean really understand what your emotional strengths are, can you do that? DO you know why they are your emotional strengths?

 Determine your passions.  What are you passionate about? What is it that gets you excited or demands your undivided attention? What activities and pursuits make you feel really alive?

 Identify. Your tendencies often become habits, either good or bad. Try to replace any bad habits. None of us generally want to admit that we have “bad habits” but we do! You may not realize it because you are looking to close…take a step back.

 Acknowledge your limitations. You will never be the very best at everything. We can all improve our abilities in most areas of life, so don’t view current limitations as permanent. Just be realistic in your personal assessment….in other words, just be “YOU!”

 Where does your true self want to go with in life?  Find Your Direction! Once you understand your values, strengths, passions, tendencies, limitations and goals – you need to have a destination to move toward, a direction. Don’t worry about reaching your destination because in reality – it’s the journey that counts.

 Just remember, you are a beautiful and a unique person. You have a wonderful blend of amazing abilities and qualities combined in a distinctive and exceptional way. Why not spend some time really getting to know your true self? It will certainly be time well spent…., and you might find some things about yourself that you really never knew, some rare qualities that existed which lied under the surface….those qualities that my grandmother used to call “treasures.” Just be you, just love you!!!


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