Being a Successful Woman

Has someone ever tried to tell you what to do, or tried telling you that an idea you had that you thought was so great was all wrong, and not to do it because it would be the biggest mistake? If this sounds familiar, follow your heart, and your gut! Sure people try to give advice and friends and family mean well, but you know best. There will be those who think they know it all and who will think that you’ll never survive if you take your own advice…those are the people who really aren’t your friends who are waiting for you to fail.

 Had it not been for a really shitty man dragging me across the country to give me a line of bullshit a mile long about wanting to invest in Simply Delicious Lingerie and then only to come back weeks later to make me aware that I misquoted a single word, yes a word, I would not be here today. He told me that banks would laugh at me when they reviewed my business proforma because of this and ask for outrageous profits in my company because he had the cash to do what I needed for the business. I cried for two days and then came to the realization that not all people with money are ruthless and have allowed success to go to their heads,…so I started doing some digging about him. Little does he know that I now know the line of crap he handed me about working hard and fighting tooth and nail came from cheating the system…

 Yes, this man who claimed to be “Mr. I Know Everything” broke the law, abused the system and had the nerve to tell me that I didn’t know how to manage and maintain a business properly. My head according to him was “in the clouds.” Little did this ignorant man know that even without his money I was determined to make my company a success come hell or high water and I realized that it wasn’t going to happen over night but it would happen! ….oh and when it does, you know how that saying goes, revenge is best served cold? He’ll get his. In a very classy subtle way I will show him that I was able to rise above his ruthless efforts to belittle me and I will show him that women can run businesses on their own without the help of a man if they want to.

 Maybe my business will only ever be the “mom and pop” type. Perhaps it will get larger than I ever imagined? Either way, I am happy knowing that I took my own advice, followed my gut, worked my ass off to make this company(s) a stepping stone for the modern day women who no longer have then time to venture out during the day, after working a long hard day, or on weekends because their schedules have been full for weeks in advance with other matters…now women can shop 24/7 online, at ease, in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. These women, all of you whom I have become friends with, to you I tip my hat and say “thank you”….for your continued support!

 Simply Delicious Lingerie and soon to be Simply Luscious Lingerie was a dream, a vision that I have had for many years and something that I had always hoped for but never thought I could make possible. It only takes one person to believe in YOU and with that one person you can move mountains…I have wonderful friends, great family and two amazing kids that pushed me to keep going. I raised the to dream big and to never look back as failure was only a word known to those who never tried. My grandmother used to say “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” I have built so many doors that I could supply a block of homes.

 When you have an idea but you aren’t sure how to get started with it, read, and use search engines to optimize your keywords. You may get a lot of small ideas that you can combine with your master plan to fit your needs. Might I suggest Bing over Google? For personal reasons other than the obvious when they told me that I couldn’t use a coupon to do more advertising, it didn’t stop them for withdrawing monies from my bank without tell me first, or giving me an option to back out of running pay-per-click ads with them.

 Might I also suggest looking into various coupon companies on the web as well because I thought so highly of GROUPON unto they shot my idea down and came up with a lame excuse stating that it didn’t appeal to everyone men and women. Oh really?? Tell me Mr Groupon, when have you not heard of men buying lingerie for women? Yeah….that’s what I thought. Mr Groupon were you aware that 39% of the purchase made on line are from men buying lingerie for women? How then would this not service both sexes? In the last 10 years this percentage has skyrocketed because NOW men can shop privately online and not feel uncomfortable walking into a lingerie store to 1) be embarrassed, or 2) being seen especially if he was there shopping for pajamas for his mother.

 Sooo I did what any business owner would do? I asked for a detailed explanation….theirs was a poor excuse now stating the the town I lived in and wanted to run the ad in was not a good city to do so. WTF? Now it’s the city, 2 hours ago it was that this was more of a one sided ad. Google and Groupon,…you boys better get your act together! It can’t only be me that you are pissing off?

 So what makes me happy in business and how did I come about this? Who influenced me and what did I learn from them? People are really great at giving advice when it isn’t their money being put on the line. Had it not been for one of my best friends, Steve, who has always been there for myself as well as my children, the man who taught me more than he will ever know …he gave me the courage to step outside of the box without the help of big bad ass investors and try it out myself. He is my miracle. He is a man who has never failed me or let me down and his friendship is truly genuine. He gives advice, but knows that I am a stubborn Irish woman that even then does her own thing…he accepts me for who I am, with flaws, but a determined lady that wants to make it big in the business world of lingerie. His faith in me was all that I needed, for it was he who has known me for several years and who genuinely knows who I am, and what am determined to do. What happened you wonder? Well, I’m here, and in a few months I launch my sister company Simply Luscious Lingerie. A plus size store designed only for plus size women. “I owe my success to having listened respectfully to the very best advice, and then going away and doing the exact opposite.”

 The moral of the story ladies is NEVER give up on your dreams! Never let anyone, man or woman, or a bank tell you that you cannot do something that you know in your heart is possible and will be successful some day with hard work, little sleep and a lot of love! Passion is what drives me to do well and the love for my business is what makes happier than I have been in a very long time. Life is short. If you don’t like yours there is time to change it. If you hate your job, find something better? Does seniority matter anymore? NO. I saw my mother and father work for two companies for 25-40 years and what they they get? Nothing….their pensions were cut in half, their 401K diminished and their pride and determination to make their retirement years enjoyable were flushed away because of some arrogant business owner who think more of money than you. Sad as it may be, it’s the truth. So where were the loyalties when my father never missed a day of work in 40 years and my mother accomplished so much having to making sacrifices? They are retired and no living the dream like they thought they would…why? Because of this countries need to allow big banks, and big assholes run nice people and small businesses into the group without hesitation because it wasn’t a good fit for them. To these people I say, look out for Karma….eventually, it will get you! Large companies are no longer loyal to anyone but their own pocketbook. Facts are facts. If they aren’t giving themselves big fat bonuses, they are vacationing on your dollars, giving themselves raises or embezzling it for their own personal use. What happened to honesty? What happened to doing business with a hand shake like my grandfather did?

 Life is all about living. We feed from others strengths and learn from theirs and our own weaknesses.You cannot fail if you don’t try. If you try and fail, at least no one can ever say that you didn’t give it your all…and to those who laugh at you when you share your dreams and visions and they tell you that your head is in the clouds….look at them, smile and know that one day you will remind them of you got there on your own without their help. Then send them a subtle reminder. Don’t be mad at them….nahhhh they aren’t worth the time of day, or the space in your brain to store the anger….be thankful that you don’t have to share your hard earnings with a real jackass good for nothing! Be happy that you have been blessed with such great customers, clients, family and friends! To those who think you won’t succeed, this will be the ammunition to work even harder to prove them wrong…but don’t do this for them, do it for YOU! Being a successful women in business, family or personal life requires making choices. Just because someone gives you great advice doesn’t mean for a minute not to take it, you might just want to distribute it your own way and add some kick to it yourself, that’s what I did. There is nothing to be fearful of other than fear itself. Be proud of who you, where you were born and raised where from our teenage years the seeds were planted, my seeds in Youngstown Ohio, and he proud are and your achievements! It sure isn’t easy, but it is so rewarding!

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