Hot Flash or Power Surge?


Honestly, just when you think you have mastered the hurdles of being a woman, something new creeps in and pulls the rug out from under you. I was awakened one night to a mad rush of sweat and it felt as if I had just run a half marathon. There was no one lying next to me, or on top of me, so it wasn’t a sexual encounter I had experienced either. What was this and why was it happening to me?

 Hot flashes can begin early in menopause and are most common during the first few years after menopause begins. When I think of menopause, I think of someone (back in the day) much older than me, like my grandmothers age going through this, not a vibrant, energetic, motivated sassy gal in her mid 40s. Up to half of all women will experience moderate to severe hot flashes in the first few years of menopause. If you have been experiencing hot flashes for a while now or you’re suddenly finding yourself shedding layers of clothing during an episode, you are not alone. Gone are the days of chewing on ice, now I find myself wearing it to cool off. I’m not one that has experienced severe mood swings but I do get edgy. There are times when like any of you who are also experiencing the same things feel the need to find my happy place. I do yoga for a short period of time or even meditate to calm myself and to soothe my nerves. Oh,I do get pissy so look out. When this occurs, my friends and family call me the middle-aged hormonal crazy on the loose with an attitude! I say “Get the hell out of my way!” It wasn’t bad enough having to deal with the once a month cycle where our bodies raged, suffered cramps,and were moody……and now we have to experience this? Take PMS and multiply it by 100. It’s like the Katy Perry song “Hot & Cold” We’re hot then we’re cold, we’re yes then we’re no, we’re in then we’re out, we’re up then we’re down….get the picture?

 When my doctor described this to me a few years ago and stated that my body had begun this cycle, I was taken back for a few seconds, paused , stared at her in disbelieve and said as stated by Garry Coleman/Different Strokes….”Whatcha talkin about Willis?”

Ladies, I know, this sucks….often I ask why men get off so easy? No menstrual cycles, not pregnancies, no childbirth, and no menopause….what I wouldn’t give to trade places with them just for a while. There are seductive, sensual and erotic ways of feeling passion and heat,…..this is NOT what I had in mind. So take a few minutes to absorb this information and if it sounds like something you may be going through, find a bar, get a tall martini or something strong to your liking and soak it up…

I don’t know about you, but if we’re going to suffer hot flashes and my body is going to be heat induced to these extremes,…… I’d much rather endure my power surge with a cocktail and a sexy man!



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