Mr. Right, or Mr. Right NOW?

Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world…….Took the midnight train, boat, ferry, plane, or rental car….. going anywhere, because she wanted to see the world…..So where does one begin?…..


Every now and then, we are fortunate enough to have someone come into our lives when we least expect them to and set us back, I mean they really knock our socks off, and….they throw a monkey wrench right into our perfect plans that we had mapped out for months, if not longer and within a matter of months, we find ourselves looking at our life/lifestyles in an entirely new perspective.


I consider myself a very friendly, outgoing and most content woman…..but a woman who was on a designated mission to move closer to home to a city where she was born because it wasn’t at all a big city and she wouldn’t get lost in the hustle and bustle there, rather, she’d run her businesses, look after her family and enjoy life building her small empire with no distractions. Time on her hands to visit shipping companies and warehouses, meet with new and some current manufactures, line up new partnerships with boutiques and small businesses, and hire staff that would allow her company to expand at a rate that she had planned almost to the “T” ……..Well,  that was the plan a few months ago……but always on the “back burner”…..somehow, she never stopped believing…..that one day when she wasn’t looking, something grander would happen to her that would be so unforgettable… change of life factor….but what?


Last fall, while visiting with her parents and discussing old times on an old street, the neighborhood she grew up in, she started bringing up friends and old neighbors from her past and wondering “where are they now?” She quickly got onto Face Book and began typing in names and sure enough she found so many old friends that she attended school with, friends that lived there and moved away, and even a few people that she babysat for long, long ago……


How great could the odds be to meet a man who was searching for everything that you were? Perhaps this someone was divorced for the past several years and had never really experienced the kind of true love from fairy tales, those same fairy tales that this particular Cinderella believed in and had also hoped for as long as she could remember?


My grandmother always used to say “Things happen when you least expect them to” and …….”Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!”… we won’t. Two paths are about to meet head on shortly and although this woman bubbling with such anticipation and happiness, who is so “not” used to having her world jolted and her bubble burst, is terrified that once again, that this too shall pass and an opportunity will be lost…….what? She wants to feel weak in the knees! That guard wall  that she build so high around her was beginning to crumble down, all because of one man. Those barriers that were formed to protect her heart were now nothing more than jello walls waiting to endure this next chapter in her life where she comes home to not only her prince, but to her far away castle in a kingdom of hope,…. where dreams and fairy tales really do come true!


Did this gal wait most all of her life to find that one man who could make her dreams come true, who could care for her and respect her, could make her laugh and cry (good tears) do silly things, allow her to be herself, moonwalk in public (well maybe not really in public,) march to the beat of her own drum, and eventually  if all circumstances fell into place maybe, just maybe…… find love?


You bet she could, because that stubborn, sassy, sensual, soft spoken lady always held out hoping that somewhere out there he would be…..Well stranger things have happened. Some will say that you have better chances of being struck by lightening vs find true love? If there is a risk to take, finding love or getting struck by lightening, I’ll hold out a metal rod to hoping to attract my Mr Right. Yes, life is all about taking chances! If you don’t try or you don’t seek from time to time, someone else might find the man of “your” dreams. Although I still believe in paths crossing for reasons, at this stage of my life, I wouldn’t think twice about tripping him and bringing him to his knees to make him see what a catch I am! A girls got to do what a girls got to do!


Journey said it best…..”Don’t stop… believin’ hold on to that feeling….”

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