Online Break Ups…

Not every online relationship will make it through as a success love story, although we just love love love when we do hear about them because it gives so many of up hope that maybe,…just maybe this could work for us. What I have found are that there are far more break ups than love connections. An online breakup can seem even more empty and alone than breaking off a traditional relationship. Not every break up with be on line either…..oh no. There are ways that men find to say Bye-Bye without having to do it in person. To these men I say, “Wow, Quite Pathetic, Cowardly, and what a Piece of Work!”

 First of all, I find it so tacky. It takes a lot of nerve to break up with someone via the Internet. To me that says one thing and one thing only….NO BALLS! Must be a shallow man or woman if they cannot do the right thing and do it face to face, or every on the phone. It reminds me of the Sex and the City episode where Carrie gets broken up with on a “post it!” Thoughts of self-doubt, wasted time and more can overflow your mind. If you find yourself trying to handle an online breakup use the following tips to help heal and move on.

 Quit using the chat or place where you often communicated for a while.Become more active outside of the computer. You are not attached to it at the hip!Chances are while you were together you spent entirely too much time inside. Get outdoors and visit some old friends…have some fun! Develop a new Internet hobby or interest such as playing games, (harmless games, none where you can lose money) learn how to make web pages, or researching your family tree.

 Figure out what you want to do about finding a new love. Sign up to an Internet personal service or start chatting with old friends you haven’t talked to in a while. They might have some clever suggestions.Get away for a few days to get some fresh air and think clearly…..go with the girls to a winery somewhere and have a few bottles! Laughter is good food for the soul.

 Remove all reminders of your Internet love including pictures, letters and other memorabilia. You don’t need to throw it away; just remove it so you can’t see them for a while. Personally I’d burn them! My theory is when something like this happens it simply means that he was not the one for you and there is someone better around the corner looking for the same things that you are.

 Start a daily journal to release all of your feelings. I do this, have since my divorce….it is quite helpful to me and it stops me from making the same mistakes. Chances are you may not be comfortable talking with other people about your online relationship. This is an excellent way to make sure things don’t get bottled up and cause issues in future relationships……and try not to make the same mistakes with a man who you meet in the future. Watch for the red flags, and girls……Beware of the ……Post It!



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One response to “Online Break Ups…

  1. Online dating definitely comes with its highs and lows. Some of my best friends (and best relationships) have come from dating sites, so it’s definitely a great way to connect with people, but at the same time there are a lot of weird people out there!

    I’ve just moved to a new city and am using a dating site to meet people (the first month here was hard, as I didn’t know anyone at all) and this has led to some very good and somewhat bizarre results!

    I actually blog about it now, because I’ve had some pretty wacky dates before which I think would make people laugh, plus I like the idea of creating an online community where people can share their dating experiences: the good, the bad, and the damn right ugly!

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