Sexual Chemistry and Dating

Man meets woman and the chemistry is explosive. Sound familiar? You know the routine….their eyes lock, their heartbeats race, everyone else in the room just melts away. But far from being some weird, mystical force, sexual attraction is actually quite prosaic.It’s the product of millions of years of evolution all focused on one idea: successfully passing your genes on to the next generation. And the whole dating scene is really just people assessing the reproductive potential of prospective mates. Women want men with good genes to pass on to their babies and a caring mate who will protect and feed the family.

 1) Flaunt your fragrance…don’t over do it!

Our noses are subtly attuned to the smells of potential mates, and our natural body odours carry powerful messages of attraction. So don’t be afraid of your own fragrance. All the same, don’t throw out the deodorant and run off to the gym to intensify your natural funk, either: weak odours are more attractive than strong ones, and many odour molecules only have a very brief lifespan before they oxidise and become decidedly unattractive.

Although women are many times more sensitive, both sexes are attuned to the aromas of love.

 2) Fitness…try to maximize it

Both women and men are genetically hardwired to look for physically attractive partners. Why? Physical cues are an instant and relatively accurate method of assessing the quality of a potential partner’s genes, health and reproductive status. Some aspects of attraction are universal, so if you’ve got the goods, flaunt them, and if you don’t, work on disguising the fact. It’s a well-known phenomenon that, for any of us, symmetry equals beauty, especially when it comes to faces. So gents, keep those sideburns trimmed with a setsquare and spirit level if necessary.Men are on the prowl for good reproductive potential. This means that for the ladies, the appearance of youth and a clear complexion are good indicators of fertility, and so are healthy curves. A modest waist-to-hip ratio – specifically, a waist about 70 per cent the width of a woman’s hips – is a predictor of youth and good health. Find a treadmill and and use it. Dance to a video, or take a bike ride. Tone muscles and good health contribute to how your body reacts to health and immunities. Take vitamins also, we are getting older and we need all the help our bodies can get to keep our youthful ways.

 3) Tune in to natural rhythms

In agreement with conventional wisdom, researchers have found that men are pretty much attracted to the same things all the time. However, the lads need to understand that what turns a woman on can vary significantly, depending at what stage she is in her menstrual cycle. Women ovulate only once a month, so their bodies are tuned to be most receptive to the signs of potential mates – sexy faces, shapely bodies and alluring odours – at the time when they’re most likely to fall pregnant.At this time, women tend to take more care with their appearance.

 4) Socially lubricate

Science backs up the common perception that alcohol does tend to make things happen that otherwise might not. And this applies for both sexes. Did you know that alcohol disrupts frontal lobe functioning, which is the seat of inhibitions. But be wary of flirting when drunk, as your judgement could be slightly off kilter. I’d tend to say that the ‘beer goggles’ effect, in which people in a pub or bar seem to get more attractive as time wears on, is well documented.’ Studies on this particular group have found definitively that alcohol increases the chances of engaging in casual sex, and of having sex outside a long-term relationship. So although becoming inebriated is a scientifically proven method of improving your chances of coupling, it comes with its own considerable pitfalls.

 5) Bring on the laughs

Cracking a carefully timed and well-mannered joke is a great way to show off your intelligence and social skills. Both sexes are attracted to humour in potential partners, but in opposite ways. Research shows that women tend to appreciate men with a high-quality sense of humour, while men are more concerned with finding a partner who laughs at their jokes.One theory advances the idea that humour gives clues to the quality of an individuals genes by hinting at the number of genetic mutations a person is carrying. The theory proposes that people with fewer mutations have better genes and produce higher-quality humour.

 6) Talk with your body

Guys, you can say a lot to a girl from across the room without even talking to – or looking at – her. Research indicates women look for traits in men that indicate that they can provide well for them. This includes high social status, intelligence and conspicuous wealth. And there are a number of ways of demonstrating these attributes without saying a word. Body language is a great way to communicate. It’s sexy and sensual, try it if you don’t already.

 7) Get dolled up!

It might seem superficial, but it’s effective. Being well groomed and looking presentable can radically alter how people respond to you, especially if you’re a woman. Recent studies that examine the effects of cosmetics use on social perceptions of women routinely find that observers of both sexes find the same woman looks healthier and more confident when seen wearing make-up than without. Eye make-up and foundation seem to be the most effective in improving observers’ attractiveness ratings. The scientific reasons for the effectiveness of cosmetics are unconfirmed, but the likelihood is that they allow women to even out skin tone, cover up blemishes and sculpt more symmetrical faces. Personally, I find it more natural and inviting for a man to desire a woman who is dressed simple and wears very little make up. Next time you decide to find a new mate and wonder what to look for, sit down and do the math…..

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