Where is your “Danger Zone?”

Lingerie is designed with the preference that gives all women a sexual appeal by highlighting on their beautiful curves and disguising the parts that seem to be what I call the danger zones. Ladies, we all weren’t born models with tooth pick shapes and we don’t all weigh 100 pounds. If you fit this description, and you were blessed with a girlie figure, if you don’t eat healthy, don’t have to count calories, and rarely exercise to keep your shape without having to work hard for it, I’ve got a voodoo doll in my nightstand with your name on it. (Just joking!) Some of us just want to “be normal.” Some of us have flaws, cottage cheese, saggy boobs, flabby arms, baggy love handles, big belly- We’re all proportioned differently. I have a few of my own, so I know more than anyone what it’s like to see something that you really want only to try it…..look in the mirror and want to cry because it makes you look like you have 3 asses. Some pieces look good on one but not on another. This causes such disappointment. As we age we see our bodies differently and we go through a variety of changes.

The eye is attracted to particulars. At Simply Delicious Lingerie we’re here to help you to find out what areas to enhance and with what type of lingerie according to your figure. When our eyes catch a peek at something they like, we envision how it might accentuate us. We’ll begin to share with you in articles to come why more often than not it’s not only difficult finding the right pieces of lingerie, but discouraging to say the least! Don’t give up!! Finding various styles and designs for the short, too tall, big build, too small, petite woman, pregnant woman, big bust, no bust, big caboose, no caboose, etc., can be time consuming, and depressing! There are some women who may be more voluptuous that others, some may be very busty, some between sizes and just wrongly proportioned. What’s a gal to do? Try to stay positive, dig down deep and find that self esteem and make it your mission to find what lineaments reveal the best “you!”

Our goals are to teach you how to look for lingerie that shows sexual appeal. We’ll emphasize on different features of women of all sizes. Whatever your figure may be, remember, we are here to give you quality care with respect, confidentiality, and personal service.



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