Who’s Watching YOU on the Internet?

Wow! It seems that these days with as much as we use the internet, everyone and anyone can find out about you! Nothing is private anymore. You can be traced via your cell through GPS or through your IP Address. Often, more times than not, we get on line and write on walls or tweet things that we think only our followers see, right? WRONG!!!!!!! Things about you and your private life are turning up on the internet through various searches, so be real careful what you write and who you write about…it may come back to bite you in the ass! We have no privacy anymore…those days are long gone.

 Learn how to be more discreet. Don’t say anything on the internet that you don’t want someone to obtain.People have lost friends, relationships, been kicked out of clubs, and fired from jobs because of what they wrote. Where do we draw the line? When do we, the people of this country have a say so? What on earth happened to our 1st Amendment, the Freedom of Speech? My grandmother used to always tell me that the government is watching us….they listen to our phone conversations, they come in through our televisions,…maybe she wasn’t too far off, and maybe she wasn’t crazy at all? Now they are accessing our internet. We are about as public as being naked. We’ve been stripped down. Be careful what you express on the internet. We all loveeee Facebook and Twitter!

 Social media like facebook became very much popular among the students. Students daily spend lots of time on internet using social media. According to a report 500 million people visit the facebook daily and monthly more than 700 million minutes were spent on the facebook. People use facebook for sharing their photos, video and many other things. Many writers, columnist, artists, actors and other famous personalities also use facebook and other social media for interacting with people and to inform people with their fans. Facebook fan pages also a very effective tool to know the popularity of a public figure with the public response.

 Students use facebook very curiously and share music, funny video, some sort of important news, photos, their recent activities etc. Many students mostly their time while using the facebook, we know its very useful to create a social circle on an international social media. But you know what our students mostly do there. They explore the profile of different girls and watching their pictures and some also download that picture for further use, chatting on facebook is also very much common among students.

 Students as well as adults,….you should always remember one thing while making friend on facebook or on any other social media that do you know whom you are going to add in your friend list personally. You know! There are lots of fake accounts on facebook and you can’t be sure that your friend is male or female. So you should be careful while responding to any friend request by anonymous.

 An other important thing, students share their pictures and video which would be harmful for them in future and may disturb your privacy. Hello some day you have to get a job and work for a living…someday your boss or furture boss may read what you wrote, blogged, etc and it may determine whether you get a job, or keep your current job. People are getting fired for this today.

 Beware ladies of WHO you share photos with. In this matter women should be more careful than men, because there are lots of thugs who would be in their friend list or friend of your friends. They can easily get your pictures, videos and other information then misuse it. Mostly these people download the pictures of girls from any profile and then make a fake profile of girl and upload those pictures there. Gals be careful bad boys can also use their pictures for any other purpose, you know they can edit pictures on Adobe Photoshop facebook of gals with thousands of friends and having lots of pictures of girls in their photo collection. There are sickos out there. Beware! No one is safe, and when you think that you are and you let your guard down, you’ve got trouble!

 It’s better to be safe than sorry…remember, someone really does have their eye on you!!








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