3 Shoe Colors That Get You Noticed

Did you know that in your outfit, you know, that one particular match that you select to wear whether it be to work, to meet the girls or for a date makes a very bold statement and did you know that your outfit would be absolutely nothing if you don’t have the perfect color shoe to accentuate it?  Surprised? You shouldn’t be. If they are well-coordinated with the color of your clothes the will make a statement that will get you noticed amongst all several other women in the room. 

 There are 3 colors of shoes that are ranking the highest on the charts to take your look, and your outfit to the next level. I’ll share with you the color, how to wear it and tell you why this particular shoe color is recommended, but most importatntly what it describes in a womans personality. For the summer season, I highly recommend all colors to be worn with open toes. Fall and winter definately closed toe. Its sexy and appealing to ones eyes. The size of the heel shouldn’t matter if the look is captured. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend wearing flats though or anything under a 3 inch heel.

 Make certain though that you get your pedi because your toe nail polish can make or break your entire look. Lets just assume that your social function is that of importance, so when selecting your shoe, not only is it important to understand the event that you are going to be attending, but one should tie it in with the outfit for that particular season/occassion. I always accuentate my outfit but I never forget the most important…..the lingerie under the outfit. What they see on the surface looks sexy but how you feel underneathe the layers makes a statement all of its own.

 # 1 BLACK

 Black is the CLASSIC OR BASIC LOOK for sexy high heel shoes. If you aren’t sure with the selection of color for your shoe, black high heels are mostly recommended to wear since this color always goes perfect with any color of your outfit. So you will never have a hard time in matching these shoes because of their flexibility to mix and match with just about any of your outfits or even any occasion. Black is also the color of INTELLECTUALISM, of ABSTINENCE, of DISCIPLINE. It’s smart, it guarded and it is in a category all of its own. Black is not meant to be flashy, rather to constitute who you are as a woman and it defines your features personalizing you as a symbol of exquisite taste. It is simple, when worn with a little black dress, and a partical open toe is what says sexy. It represents you as well as the outfit that you have chosen. It will differentiate you from all others. When you select the proper style and cut of shoe it identfies who “you” are and this is a pretty big statement that you want to make, yet in a soft sopken way….it will scream attention, and add swager to your walk with confidence.

 #2 RED

 Do not underestimate the sex appeal of a red high heels shoe for if you do, you’ll not see the value in what it stands for and what it says when you wear it. The color red represents life and fertility, but it’s also associated with danger and death. Red is the color for passion and rage, love and war, also religious ceremonies. Red high heels shoe symbolizes BOLD, PASSIONATE, STRONG and INTENSE. If you decide to wear red high heels shoe, be careful with selection of your outfit. It will most definately make a statement and people will certainly take notice when they see you in red shoes. In fact, they’ll remember the style of the shoes, the heel, the height and the look far before they can tell you what the outfit was all about. Choose a red dress or have a red motif and wear it in the night (evening hours) Red says fresh, frisky and full of fire. It says dashing, determined, and dynamic. Red is aggressive and make you look lively! Add some red lipstick to your make up foundation and it will pull the look together quite well.



 Your typical white high heels shoe is SEXY, PLAIN, SIMPLE and this is a color that MAKES YOU LOOK YOUNGER. Yep, ot screams youth! White high heels shoe always catches the eye first, it becomes the first thing you notice about a person. It is suggested not to pair them with dark bottoms or they’ll look a bit too stark and out of place. All them to blend in somewhat but choose a pair that is sassy and unique that will catch ones eye! Pair them with a white or any light color suit. White high heels is work well in the summer or daytime. they are worn with elegance for social events. Never under estimate the power of white. It will give that one particular outfit the finishing touch,….the image that people will remember. Adding a decorative touch to the shoe will also show class, and distinction. It will define your character, show your strength, nonetheless your softer side by being catchy enough to get noticed. This color, if wore properly will give style to your outfit the flair. With white you are never taking a gander, rather making a statement that says I’ve just manifested my look in a non verbal way. You need not wear a high heel to grab the attention, for this piece will establish itself as an eye catcher if you can pull it off! Something to keep in mind…it doesn’t matter if your shoes cost $19.99 or $900…..it’s all in the style you choose for that particular event/evening and how it accents your attire.















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