Aphrodisiacs: Want to Boost your Intimacy?

There is no reason why we cannot remain sexually active as long as we are healthy…….but, there are certain times when one feels sexually low or does not want to opt for generalised prescriptions – to get over disappointing conjugal “blocks,” as it were. No need to despair! Sex is a good thing and don’t you forget it! No, it doesn’t make a relationship, that foundation and building it little by little one day at a time is what determines your strengths, but making love is a very big and important part of t also. Maybe you are just the “one night stand” type…or maybe you don’t want a serious partner, maybe you just like the dating pool? Either way, whether you are in a relationship, been married for years, or a day by night kind of person…..I’ve got some natural ingredients that will entice your sex drive and get your motor running!

 Here’s help from nature’s most wholesome garden:


The most potent tonic aphrodisiac in the entire botanical realm, according to ayurveda, or the ancient Indian system of medicine, ashwagandha [Withania somnifera] strengthens the nervous system and reproductive hormones. It has the capacity to fortify the nervous system, offset anxiety and stress. The herb is, therefore, said to promote tranquillity of the mind, which is central to your sexual happiness,…and we all LOVEEEEEEEEEE sexual happiness, do we not?Ayurvedic physicians attest that ashwangandha has the ability to boost vitality, energy, sexual staying power, and also endurance.


This ancient Chinese herb is regarded to being specifically effective in men suffering from erectile dysfunction. One study found that half of the male subjects taking gingko regained full potency in six weeks to six months’ time, depending upon the nature of their erectile problems. Try this first before you schedule that appointment and spend hundreds of dollars for the latest meds on the market that a physician pushes that only help get that pharm rep a vacation in paradise! My brother-in-law is a doctor and he knows where I stand on this matter……Don’t you want a vacation in paradise with good sexual healing? Save the cash, try this and pick out a tropical destination at http://www.simplydelicioustravel.com/ ….let us help you find the dream getaway!


Ginseng has been used in Korea and China for thousands of years as a sexual tonic. Research, in recent times, suggests that the ancient herb increases certain chemicals in the body, including testosterone, the male hormone. This is said to be the foundation for its aphrodisiac effects.



An amino acid, L-Histidine is a substance responsible for triggering orgasm. No wonder, the amino acid is also called the “big sneeze!” Vitamin B3 [Niacin] This nutrient is used in the manufacture of our sex hormones as well as to promote blood flow to the genitals. Niacin is evidenced to improve both sexual desire and orgasm….where doesn’t one buy this? Any of your local health store should carry this, if not try amazon.com or http://www.nutrabio.com/Products/histidine.htm?gclid=CJnaoPXAuqkCFRNl7Aodx03m9g I’ve found it quite inexpensive here vs. other stores.



This is a herbal extract from the bark of yohimbe tree [Pausinystalia yohimbe], a native of West Africa. The active component of yohimbe extract is the alkaloid, yohimbine [Yohimbine], a prominent impotence drug. The extract’s key action is said to increase the blood flow to erectile tissue [vasodilation]. This forms the basis for hard and more intense erections. Now….tell me who doesn’t want an intense erection? Not many people that I know of. Give it a try….

 I hope this information has helped you…..leave a comment and let me know if there is something else that works for you better that others might try! We’re waiting on you…….We’d love to hear about your experience….I’m not the expert on vitamins or what to take, so suggestions for others like myself who simply “don’t know all the facts” would be super?!



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