Orgasms that Make You Scream!

The World’s Best Orgasm, Really.

Hey guys…do you like “Sex on the Beach?” Is it a fantasy of yours to do make love on the beach? Woman have a variety of fantasies,….Are you aware of just how important it is for you all to learn the best ways to give a girl an orgasm if you want it to be a perfect relationship. If you don’t know how, you’re going to want to stick around for this one. Let’s face the facts; mind and emotions is not the only thing that drives the love between you and your partner; sex should also be considered into the equation if you want to satisfy her wants and needs so that she won’t have to go look for it from another man. You want to rock her boat!

 One of the best ways to give a girl an orgasm is to start with seduction. A little foreplay goes a long way….but satisfying her physical urges is not the only way to generate the perfect response. You have to start it off with a little mental conditioning through the art of seduction to work your way up to the climax. A passionate kiss on the lips, stroking her hair, rubbing her shoulders, touch softly her inner thigh, ….these all words of love and sexual intent, as well as tons of seductive moves will surely fire up your partner’s sexual fantasies to make sure that you give her the perfect orgasm fast.

 Step #1; in giving your lady the biggest thrill of her life is to get to her head first through reliving her fantasies. Once you get to her head, her body surely follows. Ask her what her biggest sexual fantasy is. Ask her why this is her fantasy. Has she lived any of her fantasy? What happened?

 At this point her skin should be flushed and her heart will be beating faster. Her nostrils will be flaring and her breathing will be increased. You’ll notice that her face will be flushed.Your job in the #2 step is to vary the place, intensity, and rate of your touch on her clitoris. Practice makes perfect and perfect practice makes perfect lovemaking. At this point her skin should be flushed and her heart will be beating faster. Her nostrils will be flaring and her breathing will be increased. You’ll notice that her face will be flushed and maybe sweaty. Perhaps she will be wet between her legs, or at least moist. Her vulva will swell and become engorged with blood. Use a light touch, to start, and perhaps to finish. Less is more with the clitoris.Soon she should start her squeezing contractions and her tingling feeling that spreads from her pelvis to her extremities. This will continue until she explodes in ecstasy. Step #3….Her twitches become uncontrollable.This will be followed by a full-body, thigh-quivering climax. She will probably shriek out your name, (lets hope it’s your name…) followed by some profanities, chanting, screaming “Oh God” but no, she is in no way comparing you to him, or calling you God, don’t want your ego to rise too much, and then perhaps followed by a few strange noises. In Step #4 with your help, she will have a combined clitoral and g-spot orgasm. This is characterized by a squeezing in and a push-out contraction.

 So listen guys,…..Words are never enough to generate the perfect orgasm so you need to back up your words of love with action so if you think “dirty talk” is going to do it, think again! You don’t need a fat and long penis to give her the perfect sex; some say size doesn’t matter, however I do tend to disagree. Most will tell you that it’s all in how you use it that matters. Take it slow and let her savor the moment. You can give direction to your thrusts in order to hit her G-spot and firing it up by hitting it dead on.

 To sum it all up; the perfect orgasmic response is a combination of physical, mental, and emotional state of your female partner — hit these three points during your lovemaking and you will be able to give her what she wants, and more. Sure naked is nice, but naked is better when you have to work at getting her lingerie off piece by piece first. Sooooo, nice and slow.

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