Tips for Choosing the Best “Lingerie”

Women often know what particular type of clothes that fit their personalities and their body types, and choosing the best stilettos to pair a particular dress is just a breeze for them. However, when it comes to choosing a lingerie, many women cannot decide which can really flatter. What looks good on me might not look good on someone else.  WHY?…Because there is a really wide range of options of lingerie, choosing a type that fits your shape and style can really be confusing. I took in a lot of advice from my friend Cindy while she worked for several years at the lingerie shop that has “angels.” Her advice was a lot of the encouragement that I needed to follow through with this store on mine. She gave me tons of tips on do’s and don’ts and we experienced first hand how many women tried to fit into items that there should not have even been trying on in my opinion!

 Lets face it. None of us are perfect….So, point here is DON’T JUDGE WHO YOU ARE & HOW YOU LOOK….in comparison to other women, you have NO idea what we’re hiding under our layers. Nothing is worse than trying something on that you really love and have to stare at those awful 3 way mirrors in the dressing room. Honestly the person that designed and came up with that idea should be shot. I always feel so good about what I pick out then I glance up and see jiggles and cottage cheese on my ass and at that point I want to cry. Hey, I exercise sometimes….so here is some advice to you gals for what to look for and how find what suits your needs. Lingerie is beautiful, at Simply Delicious Lingerie we want you to feel good and sexy inside and out! Your well being is important and we’re here to assist you however we can.

 Here are tips to consider when choosing the best lingerie.

Breast Size

Since, of all the parts of the female anatomy, the bust line calls for the most attention, it is best for women with small breasts to consider buying padded or wired lingerie to make breasts appear a little bigger.

Thighs and Legs

For short-legged women, lingerie with high-cut leg designs will help make an illusion of longer legs. And if you want to appear sexier, a skimpy thong will definitely make you sizzling hot! This style will not only create an illusion of longer legs but of slimmer figure as well.

 Lingerie is definitely not for the sexy alone. Wearing the right lingerie can actually make bigger women look alluring. For example, women with big thighs and plump bottoms can look diva hot with an undergarment that covers especially the lower part of their body. For women with this body type, wearing lingerie that emphasizes breasts or the upper part of the body can actually divert attention from the chubby bottoms to the sexier upper part of the body.This is where I need to pay attention as my back side is my trouble issue when trying to buy just about anything.


Women with big stomach should choose dark-colored undergarments. Black, dark green, or maroon can actually do the trick. For women with this body type, it is also best to choose opaque fabric instead of chiffon or satin. You can wear light-colored lingerie for the upper part but make sure to pair it with dark-colored lingerie for the lower part to emphasize the upper body.

Lingerie Color

How do you choose the right lingerie color for you? Well this can something be confusing as lingerie comes in such a wide variety of colors as well. But the general rule is to choose pastels if you are light-skinned or blonde and earth colors and darker shades if you are dark-haired. If you are red-head, deep greens and chocolate brown is your perfect match.

Shoulders, Arms, Waist and Hips

Wide-shouldered women look best in lingerie with wide straps or sleeves. This type will create an illusion of slimmer shoulders. And for women who don’t have curves, wearing a two-piece lingerie will definitely create an illusion of an hour glass figure-that is, with wider hips and slimmer waist.

My advice; Feel good about your selection,…Sexy is described in several ways, first and fore more, just feel good about you! I tried to drag my mother into lingerie store with me in the past and she always used to say, “Michele, there are some people that you see in here that you just don’t want visualize in lingerie!” I found this cartoon this morning and thought of my Mom, so I thought that I’d share it with you. I blame my shape/build and how I am proportioned on my mother who blames her figure on her mother…Genetics suck. I’ve learn eating right, and exercise work best. I should try it sometime. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. What is on the inside is what truly matters the most…..looks are simply what lies on the surface!


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