Zero Tolerance!

Tell me…..How tired are you ladies of wasting time with one Mr.Wrong after another? You’re not alone. Too many of us make bad decisions about the men in our lives and end up committing to relationships that don’t bring us the happiness we deserve. Why must we make the same mistakes over and over? Well…we’re human, and we are too trusting. Why? It’s our human nature. There was a time not too long ago where I wouldn’t give a man the time of day and quite honestly, life was so much easier then….and I am honestly thinking about going back to that place….it was my happy place. I spent time with my family and my friends with no stress, no hassle and life was good! Who needed anything else? I sure didn’t. I never was one really in all honestly to take a man too serious as I have learned over the years, most speak bullshit, and most really bend the truth…a lot! Being the Irish, stubborn woman that I am I found myself putting my foot in my mouth regularly, so I learned after a while to just go out with my girlfriends, sit at the bar while they flirted and got drunk, only to 1) be the designated driver, and 2) people watch. Let me tell you soemthing gals, people watching is so much more fun, almost as much fun as what seeing the expressions on peoples faces after they’ve sobered up and the ugly lights came on at last call.

 Something bugs me,..You know, I just don’t understand how a man can sleep at night when he leads a woman to think one thing and says something else…..and then, on top of all this, he sleeps with her knowing that he doesn’t fell like he had hoped he would,…or he does so with never having had intentions of building something more solid with her. To these men, and they know who they are I say,…”What a Jerk!” Who does this? Where is the respect that they spoke of for months, and where was that one man that she cared about, as a dear friend who was the best listener? Men love the chase….if you give in ladies, it’s history, and so is any chance of a relationship in most circumstances. Our mechanism is built so “not like theirs!” We have emotions, and although yes, we may appear naive, we also are too quick to drop our guard. Ladies,….hold the phone. DO NOT allow a man to get to close to you too quick. DO NOT sleep with him unless you are sure that you both want the same thing, unless of course you’ve discussed this and you just want to hook up occasionally for a romp in the covers! We deserve so much more!

 Lets give men the benefit of the doubt here and assume that all men are not pigs that only want sex from a woman….The truth be told, those who seek sex with no intentions, and no morals really aren’t the men you want to be with in the long run. The man that you end up with is the one who gets you, who likes you for you, good, bad and ugly and the man that can accept all that you have to offer. They won’t be in a super big hurry to get in your britches, and they respect you. Perhaps women over think the “whys” and should focus more so on the “why not’s?” Don’t give up on love…..but don’t let a man walk all over you emotionally, and certainly don’t allow him to get too close without good intentions. Follow your gut….and keep your radar in tune. Don’t accept anything less than what you truly deserve!

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