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At Simply Delicious Lingerie we are growing and looking for ways to improve our customer service as well as our online boutique. In order to do so, to make these unique changes so that my store can be completely different in it’s own way, I am going to require some assistance. Share with me if you will what it is that you seek/desire when you search the web for lingerie. When you Google, or BING something,…how did you determine what product you are in search of?  Our store consists of a variety of categories so that you can look, and click. We have extra categories, some websites have less, however, when we created our new website a few months ago we did it so that you could shop our site with confidence by using our easy navigational tools. We want you to pamper yourself….so we’ve created a $20 off coupon to use on your first purchase at Simply Delicious Lingerie.

Here’s how it works; spend $100 or more and take $20 off your order. At the check out use the code: SAVE20 to obtain your monies off.

 We thank you for stopping by and we hope that you’ll let us know what you think of our site. We are always making changes to our site to stay consistent with your needs. We will be altering our selection categories and changing products. We like to do so to keep our site alluring, and intriguing to you. Our bustier, corsets, clubwear, cocktail dresses, mini dresses, leather and vinyl attire, footwear, swimwear, erotic lingerie, bridal lingerie and our plus size women’s intimate apparel are just a few things that we carry. To keep up with trends we must continue to rotate our stock. We appreciate all of our customers and treat you like family.  We work with Vertical Art & Fitness Magazine as well at the Today’s Bride Magazine in a variety of areas to share our store and our specials. In the future we intend to advertise in many other areas that require discounted, quality lingerie.

Thank You!

The Simply Delicious Lingerie Staff




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