Do “YOU” fake the BIG-O


1. Of or relating to orgasm.

2. (of a person) Able to achieve orgasm.

I’ve been doing a little research…We as women have all faked an orgasm at one time or another. For me, as an agonizing as this sounds…I must ask…WHY? Why do women fake a climax, not only on occasion but, often, all their lives? I cannot figure it out for the life of me. In a recent survey 11% of the women said that they fake the “Big O” – Now here are my thoughts…OUCH to the poor guy who thought he just moved mountains and conquered it all…ya can’t tell him, “Oh gee sorry, you just didn’t make the grade” or “wasn’t enough?” Yikes, about an instantaneous slam.

 Some have been perfectly happy with this slightly odd state of affairs; others have felt cheated and resentful that their partners can’t please them more. (One in ten women in this survey fakes an orgasm almost every time they make love, poor things.)  But is faking it occasionally so bad? To my mind, it’s just one ingredient in a successful sex life. It is something that when a women experiences it, she wants to scream, pull hair fell her toes curl. That’s when she knows that her partner did his or her job! That is a no fake zone. All gloves off…nothing else compares,….end of story!

OK, so I believe orgasms are often faked by women out of kindness, I find it hard to believe but I’ll go with that…why?…to please their partner, particularly if he’s feeling a bit down. Is it the right thing to do? No.There couldn’t be a nicer reason to fake – and it’s usually done not out of cunning but, rather, out of love. Women know that it doesn’t always have to be a gasping “When Harry Met Sally” moment… but men often don’t. So sometimes faking is the right thing to do…but personally I don’t get it…I can see this relaxed approach annoying many women, who will ask: what if you don’t fake only occasionally? What if you’re one of the 11 per cent of women who fakes a climax almost every time?

 Are you Orgasmic or aren’t you? Here is what you allowed to happen…you’ve taken politeness too far and that while you’re oooohhhhh-ing and aaaahhhh-ing like mad on the surface, you’re growling and seething underneath, wishing your partner could get his act together and give you the pleasure you know could be yours if only he knew his way better round your sexual territory. It would be too cruel suddenly to reveal that for all these years, while he’s thought you were having a splendid time sexually, you were actually just gritting your teeth and wishing it was over.

Well, how about trying something new? Try being a little more honest in future. You can still fake it occasionally, though, try not to get carried away ladies…my thoughts are,…some things are quite easy to fake, sure they are, but why on earth would you want to truly miss out on this? The real deal? haven’t you evern heard the phrase: Practice makes perfect? You should try it….I highly recommend it.

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