How to Land the Man of Your Dreams….It’s not Just about Seduction.

So often when I am out with girlfriends or chatting with them on the phone and we ask ourselves, how do we truly seduce a man? He might very well be the man of our dreams…so how do we get him to notice us? Is there a right way or a wrong way to stand out? Many women out there want to know how to seduce a man, and the best way to go about doing so. I have a newsflash for you…it’s not just seduction that matters, however, that is a key issue to the equation. Lets talk about seduction since everyone is dying to know how to land a man. Now,…seduction is NOT getting into his britches (or hers.) It’s an art you have to skillfully master. Unless you are like “Vivian” in “Pretty Woman” and you are not wanting a relationship by landing him but rather just wanting to use him for sex…stop reading now! That’s something quite easy that any women with a short enough LBD and a nice set of tatas can master. It’s a no brainer!

I’m talking really getting to the core issue at hand. Knowing how to seduce a man is just a piece of the puzzle of the whole relationship, but it is one of the beginning stages for many women. Step #1: Knowing how to seduce a man is about more than getting him into bed, (that’s easy, anyone with a tight pair of pants and a low-cut blouse can do that) The sexual part of it is generally in all reality not the problem. Men often think with the “wrong head.” That;s generally what gets them into trouble in the first place. I’m not being one-sided here guys, women are like this too. We just have a good way of hiding it. Seducing a man is about getting him into your fold, and getting yourself on his mind as much as you possibly can so that he can’t think of anything else but you. So how do you do this? How do you master the game of seduction and win his heart and his other unmentionables the right way?

Below are a few tips on how to seduce a man who any woman can put into play. Once again, seducing a man is about more than getting into bed, it is about getting into his head. If you can get into his head, then the wall around his heart will come down slowly as he’ll be so busy paying attention to your actions and giving his reactions, you’ll begin to notice a slight difference. It’s not going to happen over night, and if it does, or it has happened to you, which I am in no way saying that it cannot, however it would be like getting struck by lightening,…twice….so please write me….I want to hear all about it so that we can share your story with others.

Lesson #1: Dont Be Afraid to Flirt

I believe that flirting is one of the most age-old ways of showing that other person that you are interested in them, and in the same respect it is the very first step in how to seduce a man. It can be done with little gestures. Be very careful how you do it though. Flirting is the best and most safe way to show your man who you are interested in him. Be careful not to come on too strong at first; we have all seen those women who are overly flirtatious with men, and it doesn’t come off in the best way. Keep in mind that men are afraid of rejection, and by showing some signs of flirtation with him you are letting him know that you are in fact interested and he wont be rejected by you. Some men are riding the short bus though when it comes to love and flirting and if you aren’t careful, and you don’t strategically plan your moves like that of a game of chess, you’ll lose more than your bishop,…then ladies you’ll never get to your king.

Flirting is a way of letting your potential mate know that you are interested, and by flirting (tastefully) you are setting the groundwork for him to court you or to be prepared when you go after him. It’s like following a road map. You can’t get from point A to point B witout a little direction, so let me give you a push in the right direction?

Lesson #2: Are you Paying Attention to Him?

Is he picking up on your vibes? Remember, body language is 100% effective if done properly. Keep in mind that flirting with a man, however well or however poorly you do it, will not always guarantee that he will be interested in you. If you want to learn how to seduce a man you also have to learn how to read the signs in him, his body language, (it’s not all about you here…) listen to his tone of voice, and any other signs/signals that he sends you. Some men are able to show that they are interested right from the start and others take a minute or several to actually get the picture. Some guys aren’t very good at showing their emotions. Some fear letting a woman too close, and then again, some are just plain old stubborn and set in their ways. If this is the type of many you’ve selected to seduce, you may want to rethink this? It could be a real challenge, if not impossible.

Lesson #4: If That Doesn’t Work, How About This?….Be Up Front? (now there’s a new one!)

After you have established that your potential man is interested in you at least to some extent, and you have established the fact that you are interested in him it is time to let him know. No matter what the old wives tales may say, most men are not fans of women who play hard-to-get. Guys do not like games…yet they love the “chase?” Playing games does little more than create drama and make potentially meaningful relationships appear less so. If your man wanted a child, he would have one but adults (usually) don’t play games like that. Establish your motive as soon as you are requested to, so that both of you are on the same page relationship-wise from the very beginning. If it is sex you want, make it clear. If it is a boyfriend you want, make that clear also and if it is a husband and family you are looking for, you should probably make that clear to him as well. If you don’t, it may not be that you are on two separate pages, honey, you may be in an entirely different book!

Lesson #5: Just Jump In!

After you have gone through the various steps and changes and you are confident in the fact that you know how to seduce a man, feel free to jump in. Yepper, that’s what I said. It’s like diving into a pool head first. Whatever it is that you want from him, as long as he is on the same page as you and wants the same things that you do, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing through on learning how to seduce a man and finally getting the man who you want right where you want him. Old fashion? No not at all, practical, you bet your sweet ass it is. I don’t know about you,..I’m old fashion in many, many ways…but in todays day and age, practicality says you have to go one step further to wind the attention, love and affection of the man who captivates your very heart and soul.

Ladies, let me start by stating that seducing a man is about more than just sex. If you didn’t know that…we need to talk. Seducing a man is about getting into his mind, and when I say that I really mean get into his head…Most men are like us women in a sense, they tend to carry a wall high around them and well guarded, theirs being to the mind, ours to our entire being. Getting into his mind so deep that you are the one in control is exactly where you want to be, but trust me, it won’t happen over night, in fact, it may not happen at all!  It’s not that way with all men, however, in some cases you might be surprised to know that you have more power than you ever thought possible when it comes to seducing a man, and you don’t have to look like a hot model for it to be possible. You don’t have to take a course on how to seduce a man; seducing a man is all about being sexy, and especially being confident. Powerful has its privelages BUT be careful how you use power, it can literally drive a man away. If you can figure out how to get into a mans head, you may be able to win his heart. Remember, it’s going to be a lot of hard work…and after all, Rome wasn’t built over night, so do not expect a guy to just drop this so-called wall and let you into his secret space, ohhhh no, it’s not that easy. If it were easy as my grandmother used to say, then “Everyone would be doing it!”

Do you want my personal advice? Listen to the man…speak when you need to speak. Reality says if you want to get to the facts, you have to listen. My grandmother used to say keep your mouth shut and your ears open. She was a very smart woman indeed. If your yap is going constantly, you will get nowhere. It will be like a dog or cat chasing their own tail. Want to wase him into seduction once you get into his mind/head? Then you can call on me at Simply Delicious Lingerie or anyone on my staff to assist you with some personal shopping or fashionistas to enhance the mood/setting. Follow these simple rules, and you shouldn’t have any trouble. Keep in mind, sometimes even after trying all of this he turns out to be the man (woman)who wasn’t for you…don’t be discouraged, that just means that you had some practice and you’ll be even better prepared when the real deal does come knocking at your hearts door!


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