Why Do Men Play Games?

Let me first start this off on the right foot, otherwise I’ll have every man in town mad at me! I know that this article does NOT apply to all men, so if you are one of the good ones, and you are single, email me., please and help me to understand.

Tell me something….because I really want very much to understand why it is that men are best known for playing mind games that leave women feeling frustrated or mad? Is it really necessary guys? For women, reading a mans mind is probably one of the hardest things that we could ever do…probably because they are built nothing like us. Their emotions and sensors are up and down and they are horndogs in disguise. As women, we have radar to listen and comprehend what a man is saying both through his verbal content as well as by watching him closely. What do I mean by closely? Well, have you ever sat next to a man or across from a man at a table while out enjoying one another’s company only to have a beautiful woman walk by, or one with a nice ass…and you suddenly see his eyes go from directly on you to directly on her ass? Yup, happened to me the other night. My expectations of this man went from high to low in about 3 seconds flat. After that, I couldn’t wait to leave. This man who must be used to being a playboy or a player obviously hasn’t been with a whole lot of real women in his life time that care about “him” …otherwise he would never treat a “real” woman with such disrespect. Guys do you know what you do to a woman when your eyes go from being on that particular woman to  staring at some strangers ass? My guess is probably not which would explain why you’ve been pricked, burned and scorned in your past. Shame on you for acting as such. In order to decode what’s inside a mans head, it’s best to know the reasons why he does these stupid things:   

Perhaps he’s not  feeling emotionally confident?  

A man who’s emotionally insecure would definitely play mind games with that woman that he’s wooing. He’s not exactly sure what he’s actually feeling so while he’s assessing himself, he would rather play mind games first. Most of the time to be honest here, they are so used to acting in such a manner that they don’t even realize that they do this, nor are they aware of it. Rather than allow the woman to see his emotional insecurity, he deems it best to puzzle her.  Yeah, good luck then trying to find the one true woman who would treat you well. You’ve just pushed her and her opinion of you right out the door.

He’s afraid that his vulnerability will be made obvious., Good God, then the cats out of the bag!

A man who isn’t sure whether he’s going to get serious with a girl or not will be confused when he’s faced with her – so in order to mask this uncertainty, he’ll play mind games in the mean time, act as if he doesn’t care, or look at his watch or phone to find a reason to leave shortly. He might also be playing this technique so that he’ll be able to see how well you’ll understand him.  It’s like a game of cat and mouse, and a game personally that I am not really into playing.
If women are advised to be all mysterious, then men are told to become intriguing. Confusing a woman will make her want to solve the puzzle that is set before her. Really? Ladies, no no no….this is no game, this is your heart he’s playing with. My advice, get out and don’t look back. Let this bad boy/play boy romp around some other womans playground. News flash…some women are quite sophisticated and graceful. Confidence is not in how a woman wears her hair,  it’s in how she carries herself and how she contributes to your needs. Sure it’s fun to be a little mysterious but at whose expense? If a man meets you for the first time and is interested, you should be able to tell, but sooo many times we leave wondering “what the hell?” Tell me that this has never happened to you?

This makes the whole dating game a lot more fun? Fun for who?

For as long as the girl is interested, her eyes will most surely be glued to the man. Women seemingly look at men who play mind games to be, not just interesting, but also intelligent beings. And you know how it is with women and intelligent men!   For me, the mind games see to be part mystery and part insecurity. I like to pick their brain and try to make my own determination about the man before I start throwing stones. A fun-loving man is ok, a tease is all right sometimes, but a cocky flamboyant man who thinks he is Gods gift to women and that he is all that and a bag of chips just hit record low in my book. Ladies dating is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. If every there is a time during a date when you feel hurt or like he just isn’t that into you…don’t sit it out thinking he will change, news flash….he won’t. Don’t waste your time by giving him an ego. He’s already got a big enough one now!

Men are open and honest,….Boys just like to tease.  

Guys, like boys, play mind games just for the heck of it. Since it’s a mind game, guys just want to test the woman and see how well she can stand his being cold or being romantic at times.  My suggestion? If a man starts off like this, he isn’t the type of man you want to be with at all. He is immature, and lacks character. You deserve much better!

He’s a macho stud muffin….  

A man who confuses or puzzles a woman is esteemed to be someone who’s a macho man. This is because, the more he plays these mind games with her, the more she seems to want to be with him! Women for some reason like the chase, and men love to chase….but God forbid we let them know that we are on to them and we partake in this game now…then it’s all over. They’ll back off nothing you’ve ever seen before. Why? You are no fun anymore. Don’t give into to this quite so quickly ladies….

They’re uncomfortable about being asked personal questions about their lives and their past.  

Try asking him about his past relationship and he’ll either deviate the topic elsewhere or he’ll totally turn silent. In my case, I couldn’t shut him up. Sometimes this is a man’s defensive mechanism because he just can’t stand the thought of being cornered and pressed with something. Coward? Maybe, my take…he’s acting like a child. Not all men are like this…there are many, many great ones out there…(please someone help me find one!)  If you meet a man and he is nice and you feel a connection, take it slow…men are like bears….you feed them too fast and they go back off into their cave and you don’t hear from them or see them again for weeks. Why? You’ve given them their full coarse meal in one night. Do not divulge your life’s worth in one evening. Throw out the bait and then reel them in slowly. Too much too fast and they’ll bite your bait and keep on swimming until they find something else interesting to wet their whistle. Oh sure they are down on one knee trying to woo you in, but ladies…don’t give too much too quickly or they will fall off the radar like grease lightening.


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