Does he tell you that you’re special?

How special do you think you are in your mans eyes? A little, a lot? Any girl would swoon at the mere thought that she’s special to the guy in her life. And she’s sure to give herself fully to this one man who can make her feel exceptional. But do all guys who profess that you’re special actually mean that you’re special? …..Or are there any hidden meanings to those words? Does he treat you like his queen?

 His interest in you is genuine.

Try looking into his eyes and you’ll see that his feelings are for real. They eyes speak in high volume,…

He will also ask more questions about you rather than boast about his skills or talents. He’s very much interested in you as a person that’s why he goes out of his way to learn more about you.

 He respects all the things that are important to you.

Share with him all of your thoughts and explain why things are so important to you. Help him to understand what makes you so special…..there are several reasons that you are admired by him and others….

 He notices the minutest changes.

You’re special because everything about you is beautiful. Trying getting a haircut and he’ll admire how pretty you look with it. Most men don’t notice this, but if he really does care for you and if he is paying attention to you…he will recognize this. He will have many compliments for you because he believes that you truly deserve it.

 He goes out of his way to surprise you.

A guy wouldn’t go through so much trouble just to please a woman who doesn’t mean a thing to him. But since this guy makes your jaw drop with the surprises that he gives you, then he’s definitely someone who you should consider to become a lifetime partner. If he is doing these things for you ladies, he likes you a lot!

 All that he does revolve around you.

This just proves how much he wants to spend most of his time with you. You’re truly special to him because he comes up with plans that interest you.

 You’re special because you make him smile….he is happy!

This man reveres the very ground that you walk in because you make him feel good about himself. You’re someone who seems to bring out the best in him. He’s happiest when he’s with you because there’s only joy when you’re together.

 Saying you’re special is NOT the same as saying “I Love You”

This guy may be in love with you but he’s not ready to let go of his bachelorhood just yet so to pacify you and keep you from asking about the “M” word each time, (that word happens to terrify me…) he would just say that you’re special to him and that he’s happy with the way things are at the moment.I’d say this is a red flag that something isn’t going the way you’d like for it to. Be careful not to get hurt. Is he keeping you in the dark…..don’t walk around with your blinders on ladies… need to know how he feels!

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