Simply Luscious Lingerie… A New Innovation for the Plus Size Woman

Until a few years ago, shopping for lingerie was something that some thought was dirty. Why? Many misconceptions in my personal opinion. Then came along a few good lingerie shops that gave shopping for women’s intimate apparel a twist. Although it appears that most often, you don’t find what it is you are looking for in a store, and with the hours of operation added to your daily routine and work schedule…where do you find the time? 

Well…With the Internet, you are able to shop through specialized lingerie stores that cater to all different special kinds of women. Here, you are most likely to find the plus sized lingerie that you are looking for. Hi. I’m Michele Savin and I founded Simply Delicious Lingerie with a sister store in mind for the future. I have friends that are plus sizes and often they complained “Why does lingerie for plus size women look so ugly and frumpy?” Many stores and boutiques carry plus size clothing and intimate apparel, however, they lack in originality and looks.

I decided to change that. Why do plus size women have to go into store flipping through racks and racks of apparel looking for the plus size items that honestly, come few and far between? Shame on these stores. I intend to bring Simply Luscious Lingerie to you late this winter, a store designed with you, the plus size woman in mind, and with items for YOU! This store is only plus size  lingerie hand selected for you, the beautiful woman in mind. In addition, you are not limited to your choice. In the past, plus size lingerie generally was made to look plain and practical, and not a lot of emphasis on delicate design, comfort or fashion was put into the process. I will bring to you a unique innovation that all plus size women will admire and a store that will strictly be made and designed with you in mind. Ladies, the fact is that the demand for lingerie in the plus size has increased over the years. These days, there are a variety of different fabrics, styles, colors and other choices available to the woman who is looking for plus size lingerie. Some of the more popular items in this category include sheer lace tops and stockings, patent leather plus bustiers, satin plus bras, seamless plus bodystockings and much more.

It is important to note that you should be careful before purchasing any lingerie in a plus size. Make sure that it has the proper fit for your body. While shopping for your plus size lingerie at our on-line boutique, should you have any questions or need assistance helping find the sassy piece that says “wow” ask or fashionista for some help! Also, our website has a size chart to consult with, all the better. In this instance, you can match up your bust, waste, hips and equivalent dress size to give you your best chance of purchasing the right size of lingerie. There you have it – a simple guide to plus size lingerie! I hope to see you at Simply Luscious in the future. Should you have any suggestions, please, by all means, I beg you to contact me and share your ideas, wants and needs so that I can make this lingerie store the best that you could ever imagine!


Michele Savin, Owner/CEO

Simply Delicious Lingerie

Simply Luscious Lingerie




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