I’ll Have What She’s Having…

Perhaps there is nothing to celebrate,….but women always love their partners to be a little romantic. It’s those little things that make women fall in love and they make such a big difference in a relationship if you remember to do it once in a while. Keep the passion alive and that fire burning, or it could all go up in smoke! Some men think that after being with a woman for a period of time that they are done with the courtship,dating, and excitement…..they forget about the flowers, the dinner dates, weekend trips together… But women sure don’t forget them. Even those little gestures (the one’s that may not matter so much to you,) certainly do matter to the women. Being appreciated and complimented is a very big deal.

 To make the relationship full of life, it’s not only the guys who should reach out and make the effort find romantic ideas. For men, it may be really difficult to be romantic, why, I have no idea, unless he’s just not that into her, or they may find it cheesy, but there are things that you may think are just too simple but it could already be very romantic for women.

 1)  Remember the important dates, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Simply Delicious Lingerie offers exquisite gifts for birthday purchases.

2) Take time to let her know that you are thinking of her during the day. You can send her a simple text message, or you can tell her all about your day when you cuddle at night.

3)Don’t forget the small things. Listen to her needs through her voice as well as her body language. Women love to be touched. It’s a gentle gesture that says you care.

4)Spend Quality Time with Her! If you want to do something more special, you can take her out to a romantic dinner, or get her tickets to a romantic or a funny movie, plan trip out-of-town together to share those special moments and laughs. Always remember to keep the romance in your relationship, more often than not it’s the little things that mean the most.

 I’ll Have What She’s Having!


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