What would YOU call it? Sex or Making Love?

Ok, so You’ve had sex. You’ve been laid, screwed,  however you want to call this kettle black….it is what it is. However, it’s been a long time since I’ve made love, and I kind of miss it. Some people might argue that there’s no difference – physically, they are the same. But emotionally, passionately, and mentally, the two deeds are very different. They say that women develop more of a physical attachment to a partner once they make love….so fellas, if you aren’t ready to cross that line of friendship, DON’T DO IT! We gals take this personal and think that things are about to change in a relationship and often we read much deeper into this matter than you think. Don’t break the cardinal rule if you don’t want her as a mate/lover. If you do…you’ll only end up with a damaged friendship and an angry scorned woman who has no clue what just happened…she will be left with an emotional scar, and it will be ALL YOUR FAULT!

 1. How About the First Time?

The first time you make love with your partner, it’s usually a very special moment. It’s also a moment or several that you feel awkward and weird too…don’t you? He is seeing you naked for the first time, and you aren’t sure how he’ll feel? Lovemaking is often planned out in advance, especially in new relationships. There’s often sensual foreplay, and your bodies fit together perfectly like a puzzle.

 If it’s your first time with a new partner and you’re just having sex, it may be spontaneous. Your partner may not be your boyfriend, or even your crush, and the decision to go all the way is frequently a hormonal (thanks, booze!) impulse. First time sex can be sloppy and awkward as you try to find the right position, and after everything’s said and done, it feels like there was something missing….duhhh, there was a lot missing.

 2. Drunken Sex?

I’ve heard of drunken sex, but I’ve never heard of inebriated love-making. If anyone has experienced the urban legend of wasted love-making, I’d love to hear about it?

 3. The Setting.

What you do and where you do it make the world of difference. If you’re about to get naughty in a dim room filled with candles, on a bed covered with rose petals, you’re probably going to make love. If you’re going to do it in the backseat of a car, an airplane bathroom, (and who hasn’t dreamed of becoming a member of the mile high club?) as Aerosmith sang once….”Love on an Elevator“, or another compact space that may have legal repercussions attached, it’s sex. How about the dining room table, the counter top, or in a storage closet? Sure, sex on the beach or in the woods may sound like a fairy tale scenario, but dirt in sand in uncomfortable places can ruin the romance. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be picking dirt or sand out of my ass for no one. We all love the adventure though….it adds spice to your love life. What were you wearing? Any time you have a romantic evening set, you should only be wearing something from Simply Delicious Lingerie. Ok, so I am bias.

 4. The Aftermath…

Lovemaking includes mutual orgasms, followed by spooning and cuddling. If you’re in a relationship, your boyfriend’s post-sex behavior could include promptly rolling over and falling asleep, or the phrase “That was great,” despite the fact that you didn’t get off. If you’re single, you’ll take the walk of shame after a long night of sex. In those rare occasions that you’ve made love to someone without commitment, it could turn into breakfast in the morning, a few more rounds, and maybe even a new relationship.

In my opinion, in case you were wondering…it’s far more common to have sex than to make love. However, this means that when you do find yourself both emotionally and physically stimulated with a partner you care for very deeply, you appreciate the art of lovemaking so much more than that one-night stand a few months ago with some guy that you can’t even remember his name.




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One response to “What would YOU call it? Sex or Making Love?

  1. It’s possible to make love and have sex with the same person, depending on the circumstance and mood. I think getting laid has casual connotations and making love may sound tacky for younger sexually active people. Nowadays most people say “oh, we hooked up” and that’s just code for we were having sex.

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