Simply Delicious Lingerie, We Sell Quality lingerie… that won’t “BREAK Your BANK!”

When most people think of “lingerie” they think of panties, bras and intimate apparel. They don’t think of a lingerie boutique selling beautiful lingerie, seductive shoes and so much more at such reasonable prices. Time to start shopping with us because we have low prices as well as a great variety! Our lingerie is a new line straight from a private label. Our prices we boast about from $9.99 – $29.99 because we believe that each and every woman should be able to afford luxury lingerie without breaking her bank!

So many women want “cheap lingerie” and cheap doesn’t always mean low in price, it can mean made of poor quality material that falls apart after you wash it and that is simply not acceptable. I tell my customers that the biggest thing you have to look out for when buying inexpensive lingerie is the quality of the pieces. Now, if you’re looking for really cheapo bras, panties and under garments, you know they aren’t always going to be constructed from the most luxurious fabrics, however, you certainly do want to make sure that the stitching on the seaming is well done. If the sale seems too good to be true, in all reality,… most often it was…One the same note, I have shopped lingerie stores long before I started my own and spent quality $$ on bras that fell apart in the washing machine after a few times. I learned what to look for after that.

I  began shopping merchants  and warehouses myself to find sexy lingerie that was not going to cost you an arm and a leg! The mark up was outrageous. No wonder I never had nice lingerie until a few years ago, it was too damn expensive. My thoughts were, “If I’m going to spend this much on something sexy, that only one man or maybe a few hand selected get to see, it damn well better have been worth it!” Most of the time, it was not. (the men that is….not the lingerie)  I want every woman to feel confident and pretty. We all should, because we are in our own special way one way or another. Shop around, check out prices and compare. Yes, they say that sometimes you DO get what you pay for, but at my store, we care about you, and treat you like family. We follow-up to make certain that your order was to your satisfaction and your liking, and if it wasn’t we hope that you will tell us so that we never allow it to happen again. Personally, I see great reviews that come in for my company and I can honestly say that I know I am doing something right. With experience, comes great knowledge, and everyday I learn more. I am compassionate and I do care.

 At Simply Delicious Lingerie, we can offer you lingerie that is quite the quality at inexpensive costs….how you ask? We take you,…the mother, the girlfriend, the confident lady, the professional, the lover, wife, etc., into consideration when we price our intimate apparel and we know that budgets are key. How do we know this? We’re all women at Simply Delicious Lingerie and we love finding sales…so we work our best to find and to carry the merchandise that we can offer you the best prices on so that you can afford to shop with us, and so that you’ll be happy and continue to come back…and send referrals!

 Generally, if you are like me, most women take a closer look at things like stitching and seaming by looking at a larger picture of the online item you are thinking about buying. If that option isn’t available to you, check to see if there are any reviews by those who have previously purchased the particular item you are looking at, or email me personally and either myself or one of our team members will get back to you as soon as we can. I stand behind my products. I believe in my manufacturers and have good relationships with them and our warehouses. I put my name on the line when you shop Simply Delicious Lingerie. We offer you merchandise that you don’t have to worry about whether or not it will withstand wear. We check  with our manufacturers to make sure of the quality before we order from them. Your happiness is what we hope to obtain, and your loyalty is certainly appreciated!

 With that being said, the best place to find beautiful lingerie that is inexpensive is online at . We think you’ll like what you see. Our selections and merchandise will change often as we sell out one product, we introduce another! TOday we launched our brand new sister store, Visit them for plus sizes from OSQ, OSP, and from 1X-4X.

Watch soon for Simply Delicious to sell our private line in the Verticval Art & Fitness Magazine at their online store. We are quite excited to team up wth them for this event.  September 6-9 look for us to be a participant in the Las Vegas, Nevada Pole Expo.

Thank You!

~The Simply Delicious Lingerie Staff

© This article is a copyright of Simply Delicious Lingerie.


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