Sugar Baby seeks a Sugar Daddy…or is he Sugar Coated?

Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy Relationships;

Ladies a few things that you’ll want to know before you get too involved on a sugar daddy/sugar baby website. I’ve discovered over the years that people can talk the talk, but man oh man, boys REALLY need to learn how to WALK the WALK! If you are a real true sugar daddy, this doesn’t apply to you. You already know the game, the rules and the outcome. Bravo! …

But to those of you whom think it’s so cool to tell your “man friends” you’re on a Sugar Daddy site seems to make you feel some sort of prestige? Are you serious? Listen dimwit, you better do some serious reasearch of what a true sugar daddy is because what I am hearing is men talking trash about women who want want want, and have no feelings. If you are a man who stumbled upon one of these sites and think you look like “Joe Cool” to your friends, you’re a real dumb ass. If you don’t know the real meaning of a true Sugar Daddy, do some research, my guess is you don’t even come close to fitting the qualifications. Do you think you find a pretty girl to be your arm candy and she’ll fall to the ground at your beck and call without wanting something in return? Good Grief! Do you live in a bubble? Nope….your profile is about as sugar-coated as they come and you are a dime a dozen. You want to look and play the part, but you’ll bever be the SD. You gentlemen whothink you  fit this description need to come down to reality. The SD world is NOT your place to be.

Surprise boys, your on a Sugar Daddy site where it IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY and allowances, and rent being paid and gifts, etc. What planet are you on? Did you fall off the turnip truck and smack your nugget on the pavement because sugar daddy means spoiling a woman who isn’t your mother or wife or girlfriend! It means you are there to be discreet and find a passionate lover or mistress. Honey, if you’re that cheap, you don’t belong on a site such as this because you really give the good guys a BAD NAME, and a BAD RAP! What do you mean you are looking fora love? LOVE??? Go to  or or  where if a man wants to find love and women are real go. You seem to have a preconceived notice of what the real site is and honestly you haven’t a clue. If you join the site you really better have the $$$$ to back your name/self-worth. If you don’t hit the road and go to a freebie site where you get what you pay for! Now, I am not at all saying that all women on these sites are true sugar baby material. Most or several are scammers, trash or hoochie mamas wanting a quick fix. However, there are many, many great ladies there that want to get some help, and advice, and seeks a companion. There is nothing wrong with that so don’t make this all about SEX. It’s not,…not at all!

You want love? But you do know you are on a SUGAR DADDY SITE? You may be looking for love in all the wrong places. Go to church, or a real dating site for singles looking for love. There are plenty of them and a variety of good ones!  If you’ve got an open mind, you may find the person of your dreams who is seeking a Sugar Daddy. These various sites offer a different approach to dating and romance. They promote the idea that a relationship of convenience (did you hear that?) base on mutual benefit can be a wonderful alternative to traditional dating. Seeking a Sugar Daddy and Adult Finder Sugar Daddies bring together rich successful men who are online to looking for young attractive women. Many young women aren’t looking for a committed relationship but the opportunity to be a “Sugar Baby” is much more suitable arrangement for them. The Sugar Daddy Sugar Baby relationship is more than just financial. It’s like having a friend and mentor in life without all the drama and commitment of a traditional relationship. Yeah that’s  NO DRAMA! Now then, with the same thing being said as true, ladies, there is no free ride. You want to earn money, get a real job like the rest of us. Most real SBs work jobs and have sugar daddies on the side. Do you rally think a man will pay for all of your needs, and if he does, how insecure must you feel? Confidence must be earth shattered? Men love to see women on these sites that are independent but want a lover or mystery man. It intrigues them and adds fuel to their fire of burning desire! Trust me, I know.

This is an idea arrangement for a Man or Women who has come to a point in life where they have attained professional and financial success. Often people who have reached this level of success find themselves busy with very little time for a traditional relationship. These men and women have a desire to love and be love just like anyone else. Success is important but with someone to share your success with it’s not as satisfying. Many mature wealthy people can’t have a traditional relationship because of personal and professional commitments. In some cases a discreet extramarital affair with someone they can pamper and spoil may be what they need.

If you are a wanna be sugar daddy, you are a sad disgrace to these sites you pathetic bum, so go home! My grandmother used to say that a man does not have to show his worth (flash around his wallet/cash) to prove to anyone that he has what he says he has,…he just has it, period. You’ll see this as I did, that true sugar daddies take care of a woman when they are treated well by her, and please do not misconstrue what I am stating here…these women are not in this for sex. It’s far more than that. Honey, if we wanted sex we could go to a bar and pick someone up just like you phony bolognas probably do. A real SD/SB unfolded is a great thing. Is it immoral and wrong? Sure if you or he is married, but guess what, that’s your business and no one elses. On these sites there is NO reason to lie about anything yet you boys do? Shame on you! Here, honesty really is the best policy,…and oh, don’t lie about your age. We weren’t born yesterday.

What brings a woman to these sites to find a SD. As an attractive young person struggling to pay your college tuition or starting at the bottom in a new career or maybe she are a model or actress waiting tables between parts. There are many wealthy men and women who would gladly take you under their wing mentor you, support you and allow you to enjoy a better lifestyle. Being a mentor is just tose of you who get off on control, you have much bigger problems that I care to discuss so do us all a favor, get a real job, stick with your wife because she’s probably the only one who at this point is going to put up with your crap!

Most women that I’ve spoken with, because I am part owner if an elite dating site tell me that they would love to be treated like a princess instead of a struggling college student. If you are looking for a man who will appreciate you for who you are and what you are trying to accomplish in life, you might want to look into this., but be careful, not ever SD is a good SD.  If you are sick of dating young guy that thinks getting drunk having cheap sex is the answer, think again. Worse yet would be dating single men who are only after you as a conquest and what they can get from you. Honey PLEASE…Have you ever consider have an extramarital relationship with a more mature man or woman. In this type of relationship you can enjoy discreet no strings attached fun and live a better lifestyle. If you have found yourself in any of these situations  then sugar daddy dating may be a perfect relationship for you. I don’t advise them for everyone but I certainly do not condemn them either.


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2 responses to “Sugar Baby seeks a Sugar Daddy…or is he Sugar Coated?

  1. I am a real Sugar Baby and I agree with you. Some men on those Sugar Daddy dating websites think that since they paid for an account they don’t have to help out the ladies more than dinner, drinks, and transportation. Son, I’m there because I have a full time job in the same field as my degree and I still can’t afford paying off those loans, utilities, rent, and food. Paying off my car and college education alone will take 10 years… of unnecessary interest.

    I’ve had a few Sugar Daddies that just pay for our outings and don’t pay me an allowance. Those fellas are cheap and should at least be paying $1,000 a month!

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