Easy Bedroom Etiquette!

Manners, don’t leave home without them!

Saying please and thank you and keeping our elbows off the dinner table were manners in which were instilled upon us at a young age….and if we learned them, there really wouldn’t be anything else to learn, right? Wrong! It turns out; manners actually apply to the bedroom and are imperative for great sex. Before you crack that whip ladies, I’m about to give you a brief run down, the 4-1-1 on everything you need to know about good sex etiquette. Simply Delicious Lingerie wants to share our thoughts so we’ll start with a few simple ones and progress throughout  this blog in other articles. Here’s how to lay down the sexy smack!

 What can you do if his moves are a turn-off?
This happens to all of us sometimes. Talk about awkward! He’s doing something that’s really not working for you, but you don’t want to be harsh and tell him not to do it. The clock is ticking…Poof! You just lost your mojo…and there’s no telling when it’s coming back!

 How long should you wait to get naked? …..Only you can decide this, just remember, if you do it too quickly he thinks you’re a “Hoe” and if it take you too long he may not stick around, or he will and he’ll turn out to have been quite the gentleman who wants to take it slow with you and build a foundation of possibilities. If you wait, what does that decision spell for your sex life? Some women will hold back until their wedding; others will throw the rules right out the window for an 11th-hour booty call. Exactly when do you choose to get down and dirty with your date heavily influences the type of sex you’ll have together—now and later. Think about it…do you really want to be known as the gal with the loose caboose?

Just how long do you need to wait to get out of bed after it’s all been said and done?“You definitely don’t want to interrupt the mood for the first five minutes or so after orgasm. The first five minutes are really the stay connected zone, then after that you can do whatever you want,” You also don’t want to do anything that might suggest  that this was just a wham-bam-thank-you-M’am, so whatever you do guys…. turning on ESPN right afterwards, or getting up to leave  is a
No-no! Shame on you! Some people like to cuddle, some like to fall asleep in your arms afterward for hours, but listen to me ladies, for those of you whom are really naive; if he goes straight to the shower and then says that something came up, or that he got a page and has to leave….he’s married or in a relationship with someone and he just washed off your scent so the wifey/girlfriend doesn’t find out! This is what I call a lying cheating bastard and a real piece of work!  Kick Him to the Curb, ….Don’t Look Back! 




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