Has SoCiEtY SuCkEd YoU In?

Lets talk for a minute about something; enhancements? The dictionary says that this an improvement, an exaggeration……. I ponder the question most often, why? Why do people go under the knife to change?

 Why do people get enhancements? Sure as we get older things being to sag, bag, and droop…..I get that, and maybe it is nice to get that quick fix to raise ones spirits. I understand that enhancements often are because of deformities, accidents that on has sustained, I get that too…but what I don’t get is why someone with a beautiful shape or exquisite features already goes under the knife to change his or her image that was created just for you? No, we weren’t all perfectly designed, but who we are defines us. I am a perpetual believer in thinking things through., you should be too.You are alluring, attractive, adventurous, optimistic, grateful, classy, witty, manipulating, perhaps, exciting, intoxicating, innocent, spunky, amorous,vivacious, vociferous, stellar, meticulous. These are characteristics that are in you, and people love you for these traits. They individualized you. These are your invisible branding. I see beauty in so many people and now I find myself looking at those enhanced and wondering why? Is it because reality has changed the world so much that we feel that if we don’t stay one step ahead of the game we lack something? Is it because we are trying to compare ourselves to someone else? Is it because we are trying to stand out and be noticed, and if so, what for?

 My grandmother used to always say, “Stop trying to fit in, when you were born to stand out.” I know, sounds like something out of a Lady Gaga song…..which touches on another note….for years people thought that they had to look better, act differently so that they’d fit in. There were times that I felt I never fit in, even with my family I have been the black sheep. Society says enhance., I say insecurities cause this as well as low self-esteem. No more, and gone are the days when getting bullied or taunted belittle you. Please do not misconstrue what I am trying to say. I’m not condemning what you choose to do, I’m simply trying to understand why? Are you doing it for health reasons, to stand out, because you think big boobs are great (which btw, artificial was never my style) or to earn a few more bucks in your career? Personally, my overview is that you feel tied to this certain need, this particular notion that this will get you noticed, or make you more popular,….are you a prisoner of your own body? Do you drag that ball and chain around with you because you let society suck you in?




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