Who is the fairest of them all?

Meet Queen Ophelia, some say that women rule and that we wear the pants in the family, or household…but who wears the tiara?…… Queen Ophelia does, that’s who. Why?….because she can, and she has real mean looking teeth!

 For years women have allowed others to walk all over them and they just kept taking it. My grandmothers really didn’t have a very big say so in the decision-making like the modern-day woman does today. Things have changed a great deal. Today we are treated almost equally. We stand up for what we believe in, fight for morals, values, and our sense of pride.

 We love men and they are our other half so to speak,…..but OH WHEN THEY DO WRONG….

When men screw up, we tend to put them in the dog house and quite frankly, they could be there a while before we decide to let them out. We find ourselves calling the shots, being responsible and doing the

“I told you so” dance from time to time! Instead of leaving them out all night to suffer and think over what they did, throw them a bone and show them some love! In addition to this, compliment them, apologize and smile…it feeds them. We sometimes need to camouflage our feelings, our hormones rage, our temperature rises, and we say things that by all rights should be edited in several countries. Sometimes we embellish the truth a little,…why? We love a challenge, we hate to lose, and it sounds so damn good at the time….but truth be told, when push comes to shove, we bring on the poker face and try to dominate because that’s our built in defense mechanism. Show your pup some love….he’ll be so surprised and quite happy not to still be in that dog house….nonetheless, he won’t know what’s going, and will most likely question your motives….this is called “having him right where you want him”…how does it feel?

 Simply Delicious Lingerie can help you turn anger into sultry…we’ve got the right piece for you!

 Rule #2 ….Men love when we stroke their Egos! Sooooo give them what they want.

We still wear the jewels, but we make them believe that they are the king!





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