Hassles with Amazon.com- Don’t be Bullied by Companies like this!

Don’t allow yourself to become a victim of  a larger company that makes promises it doesn’t know how to keep! Let me start by stating that it takes A LOT to really make me mad. I’m probably one of the nicest, most easy-going women you’ll ever want to meet, but when it affects my business, I am an entirely different woman, especially when it’s something done to me by a wrong doer! To any of you who are or have experienced this issue with a company or with www.Amazon.com you’ll know what I mean when I say how frustrating it is.

 A few months ago I thought to myself “hey, I should add some of my inventory from www.SimplyDeliciousLingerie.com to the Amazon.com site to generate more sales!” Big MISTAKE! It was difficult to say the least, took me hours to upload what I wanted, then it all had to go through approvals bla bla bla..so at that moment I thought to myself…Shit, it’s not worth the crap, or my time! Sooo I did what anyone would do…I cancelled the membership immediately, and my credit card. I got a confirmation letter from them confirming my desire to cancel and I certainly gave them my ‘two cents’ as to why I did what I did.

I was promised that nothing would be billed and my info was all removed….Well, its 3 months later and every single month I have to call my bank and file a negligence complaint against www.Amazon.com and have them reverse the $39.99 fee that Amazon continues to try to withdraw from my bank. How can a company do this? Is our privacy and information at risk for all to see? Why do we have to go through this? I was told the only way to stop this was to send the bank my letter from Amazon that showed I cancelled my account or to close my credit card account. Did that. I have several vendors that use my credit card account for purchases for Simply Delicious Lingerie and month after month for years now…I’ve never had anyone do to me what Amazon.com has. I have nothing good to say at this point about them other than that they are they idiots at Amazon! I have since then had to close my business account for my LLC and contact each and every one of my vendors explaining what happened and give them my new credit card information because even with the bank getting this cancellation letter from Amazon.com, it still continues to happen. Biy Amazon, you sure are sneeky….SHAME ON YOU!

Since then I have decided that this is crap for the birds and big company or not they are not going to continue to do this to people, me in particular. I have written to theBBB, the Attorney State Generals Office and my State Representatives regarding my concern and fear that they are doing this to hundreds of other people as well. My complaints have been filed now and documented. Enough is enough Amazon! The sad thing here is…a woman emailed me after I blogged about this 2 months ago on my Google Blog site and said that had it not been for my article concerning companies doing this to customers, she would have never looked at her credit card statements. Come to find out she thanked me for shedding light as after she read my disgust she pulled out her bank statements that she never looks and found that 2 companies had been charging her $29.99 for almost a year when she cancelled something. She said had it not been for me she would have let $659.78 go right out the window. Now I don’t know about you all, but that’s a lot of cash! Instead, she called her banks as I suggested to do and filed  fraud charges and several complaints.  She took this money and shopped at Simply Delicious Lingerie treated herself to a few women’s intimate apparel. Thank you Mary Jane for shopping my boutique!

It’s not just Amazon, it’s severl companies that bank on nice people like you and me to NOT look at or pay close attention to your bank statement. How do they sleep at night? My guess is on mattresses much better than yours and mine, why  not…they have our month and we don’t! What I learned was that it really and truly pays to go over your bank statements as I generally always do. Like myself a shrewd business woman I am with money, you should be just the same. Don’t allow your bank account to be bullied by companies like www.Amazon.com !Check your bank statements, and guard your savings! Otherwise you are throwing money out the window!

© This article is a copyright of Simply Delicious Lingerie.


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