Fashion Faux Pas for Women

How many times do we often ask questions pertaining to fashion…, “Can I still wear white?” Or… “Is it ok to wear brown with black?” or how often do we select something to wear thinking it is still fine to wear it until you arrive at your destination only to see others looking at you as if you had the wardrobe plague and needed a fashionista to step in and take over? I have….only my fashionistas happen to be my kids, a daughter who loves fashion and designer attire and a son who majored in fashion and retail management who works for a high-end mens and women’s boutique in NYC, thank goodness for the otherwise I might just walk out the the house looking like a mess, so I took the liberty of list below a few tips to follow and some areas to focus on.

  • Fashion Calendar

    • The fashion industry calendar is divided into two major time seasons. Spring generally refers to the six-month period from January to June, and Fall refers to the months from July to December. These are the most traditionally used dividing marks, although individual designers or stores may choose to operate using slightly different months or timing.

    Fashion Week

    • Fashion Week occurs twice a year, in February and in September. This week-long event consists of a series of fashion shows presented by individual designers and fashion labels. The most publicized American fashion week takes place in New York City. Fall clothing is shown in February, and Spring is shown in September. Fashion Week serves two purposes. First, it attracts publicity for the fashion industry. Secondly, retailers view designers’ latest collections and begin buying next season’s merchandise.


    • Fall fashion will typically set in stores in July, in time for the back-to-school shopping period. Generally, spring and summer merchandise would go on permanent sale at this point. Fall clothing often shows a jewel-tone color palette, long sleeves, heavier fabrics and light outerwear. A retailer may choose to set different weather-appropriate merchandise in stores that are located in warmer climates.

    Winter/ Holiday

    • Winter/holiday season clothing is very important…this is the merchandise that is in stores during Thanksgiving and Christmas, a time period which produces a very large sales volume. Winter/holiday clothing will usually arrive in stores from late October to early November and will carry through the rest of the calendar year. Regardless of fashion trends, one can usually expect to see velvets, embellished clothing, heavy outerwear and party dresses in stores at this time. I’ll tell you…please, if you are going to a holiday christmas party find a sassy LBD or a sexy dress with sequins. They are 1) so sexy, 2) so flattering. DO NOT, and I REPEAT DO NOT wear a Holiday sweater with snowmen or reindeer (unless that happens to be the theme of the party, and if it is, Good Lord, isn’t there another party you were invited to go to instead of this one? It reminds me of Briget Jones Diary and the reindeer sweater worn by Mark Darcy. So NOT FLATTERING! Something that I won’t wear, and then laughed because I was looking for something in my mothers closet and found a whole shelf of holiday sweaters for each season. OMG, please don’t let me turn into this.

    Seasonless Dressing

    • “Seasonless dressing” is a recent fashion movement, describing a trend of wearing the same fashions year-round. People are spending increased amounts of time in climate-controlled environments. Air-conditioned and heated car seats and work spaces equal less time in natural temperatures, and thus, less demand for heavy winter clothing. This means that fall and winter clothing may begin to appear and feel less autumnal–designers will show lighter fabrics and lighter colors. Summer clothing could become acceptable as year-round clothing–for example, summer dresses can be adapted for fall by layering turtlenecks and tights underneath.


If you are not sure what the style is or what colors look good on you that’s OK,…a lot of us don’t. Find out which colors look best on you with various pattern and color selections. Remember,..we’re all different, so our opinions will vary. No matter how much I try I go back to the same 5 colors all the time. Black, white, brown, tan, and gray. Sure I wear other colors, but honestly, these 5 are what I feel accentuates my features best, so that is what I stick with! ember, if you don’t feel good about what you are wearing it will show, so wear what makes you look and feel sexy and desirable!





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