So You’re Seeking Mrs. Robinson?

Why do younger men date older women? They appear to be in search of the “Mrs Robinson” type…and why is it that today many women enjoy the company of a younger man? Less bullshit perhaps? Or they like the word Cougar?  Years ago there was this ridiculous standard that suggested that it was perfectly acceptable for an older man to date a younger woman but it’s was foolish as hell for any younger man to want to spend time with an older woman. Thankfully that’s all changed now! Many divorced and never married women are appreciating the unique characteristics of men who are younger than them. Why? Lots of reason and it has only a very small amount to do with their ‘package’ and “not” needing the little blue pill.  If you are an older woman dating younger men you probably have realized that dating someone younger can be quite different from dating a man who is your own age or older, nevertheless, do understand that there’s a generational gap. You have to counterbalance “being yourself” with her expectations of how a gentleman acts. One thing to remember guys; Do appreciate her career.  Far too many men that appear to be a womans own age have stiff stereotypes regarding a woman’s place in the workplace hierarchy.  If your cougar has attained a significant leadership position in her job, be supportive.  She will love you for it.

Old barriers are being broken down all around us. Interracial marriages, single parenthood by choice, open committed gay/lesbian relationships represent examples of alternative life options that, unthinkable few years ago, today are becoming part of the mainstream. Nevertheless, all of them were met with resistance, and no acceptance. However the resistance is less today since numbers of people feel empowered to live their life in accordance to their own needs, beliefs, and values. The people are for the most part, sane, intelligent, responsible and productive member of society; many of them happen to be older women.
Men who are younger are vibrant and typically have a very different outlook than their older counterparts. One of the most appealing things if you are an older woman dating younger men is that you get to spend time with someone who has a youthful zest for life. Many women who date men in their twenties or thirties feel more energized and find a new interest in things. When you are dating a younger man you need to prepared for just about anything and it’s important to keep an open mind.  Be self-confident and be willing to experience new things out and about or something new like a fantasy he’s always had behind closed doors.

Don’t let anyone make you feel uncomfortable if you are an older woman dating younger men. If you have married female friends who are your age you may run into some skepticism from them. There’s also a chance that men your own age will do their best to point out everything that is negative about younger fellows. Never be dissuaded from your interest in younger men. If you feel comfortable dating someone, regardless of their age, it’s no one else’s business.

Recognize that you have a lot of unique qualities that make you fascinating to younger men. Let’s face it, we are much more experienced than the younger women, and we have experienced life enough to know exactly what we seek and desire now, therefore men won’t have to guess or play games with the ‘older woman’ as they pick and choose their poison on facts. Sure some older women have brief moments of doubt about the chances that a relationship with  younger men could last. If you ask most young men who are interested in older women whether they are going to bolt from that relationship into one with a younger woman, they’ll find it laughable. Many, many, many men, good-looking, successful, fun young men are only attracted to women that are much older than them.

 This is a time to celebrate who you are ladies, embrace your maturity and you’ll have younger men beating down your door in no time while the older me in their mid to late 40s and 50s are still chasing the sexy piece of ass with looks, and boobs, but my guess would be an immature woman with little room to spare in her nugget that doesn’t consist of fashion, ET News, and get rich quick schemes.Did you know that in a recent study 27% of American women are dating or have married a man at least 10-15 years younger than herself? What does this mean? You older guys (and when I say older I mean later 40s, 50s, and early 60s) better get a little more practical and appreciate the women near or around your own age or you’re going to lose them all to much younger men who appreciate their inner  beauty just the way they are, and appreciate their loyalty, love and embrace. Please, do not misconstrue what I am trying to say. Not all younger women are immature, lack self worth, needy, and clingy.

 There are several younger men who are attracted to older women, here are their reasons:

  • Younger men may feel the younger women their own age are far too immature for them.
  • Most older women are more independent, wiser and have other interests leaving some space for their partner to do some of the things he would like to do.
  • Most older women make a man feel more important than that of a younger woman.
  • Most men seek a woman who has lived and experienced life and still wants to play, travel, and relax.
  • Most older women don’t get as jealous as quickly by second-guessing that their young boyfriend is cheating on them.
  • Some younger men are ‘old souls’ and prefer older women because they can often be less troublesome as far as being selfish, self-centered like some young women can be and are much more loyal.
Let’s face it … many older women are like a fine wine; smooth, aged well; a hint of mystery and they have more insurance! Looks like you’d better watch out younger gals, us older women are stealing your men!

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