Top 10 Traits for Women According to Men

Simply Delicious Lingerie recently ran a pole through a forum to find out what men liked most about women so that we could focus on how to advertise our sexy, erotic and classiest lingerie pieces to captivate a crowd, desire a need to shop our beautiful website, and bring in new customers along with referrals. I wanted to know what a man would list as his TOP 10 Dating Traits (other wise known as the MUST HAVE LIST.)

 Have you ever wondered what it is that attracts a man to a woman? I have listed it below for you to take a look and and review. Much to my dismay, I was at a loss for words.Time to brush up on sassy, sexy, sensual and learn the A,B, C’s of what a man desires and finds important in a woman. I was certainly disappointed to see this pole and have to question why some of these subject lines are ranked higher than others? It’s like comparing apples to oranges. Perhaps this is why so many men are in their late 30s, 40s and 50s and are still single, some never having been married before. They need to reprioritize! Dating Etiquette is what you need gentlemen, and a woman who can adhere to it. Stay tuned, I’m writing about this shortly! Hopefully I can save some of you!

According to my poll results, the top traits, in order of importance, are:

1. Sexual chemistry

2. Smile

3. Kindness

4. Sense of humor

5. General body type

6. Eyes

7. Intelligence

8. Communication skills

9. Teeth/Lips

10. Hair

 Ladies, I read this and just about fell off my seat this weekend… I understand that sexual chemistry is important to most…but here is where I find it appalling that men choose that before they even listen to a word flow from a woman’s mouth. I find it so wrong to see that #7, intelligence, and communication skills are ranked #8. So is this stating guys that you want a beautiful woman who is sexy and can laugh with you more so than finding a smart sassy savvy woman with brains? That’s what it sounds like to me.

 How awful for you when you take your beautiful brainless date that you are hot to trot over because she’ll looks like the prize accessory on your arm to a company party or even to a get together with your friends and she opens her mouth and cannot speak, nor does she even have a clue about the social economy, politics, or debates. Sorry, celebrity gossip is not a topic discussed at prestigious parties. You instantly look like the idiot, not your date, she just looks like a hot brainless piece of ass, demeaning you all the more. With relationships, if it is good, it will include sexual attraction, looks and intelligence.

Heres a tip for you; Ladies, next time you  go to grab for a gossip paper at the news stand or in a supermarket, choose something educational instead. You don’t have to read this all the time and give up your rag mags, I don’t…but I DO follow the economy and have my own opinions to voice about our country and its relations with other nations, and I have a real opinion of education in the USA now compared to decades ago. Sexy and cozy are great,..most definately yes, chemistry is important. That connection is vital, but being able to verbalize and communicate well with others is quite imperative as well.





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