What do Guys look for in Girls?

We all have ideas of what we want out of life and out of love…..If you could have 3 wishes,…..what would they be? So I did some research and found out exactly what guys look for these days in girls….I was right on the money with some of these below, however, I was in disbelief with a few of them…..at any rate, here’s what I learned: 

  • Guys are not really looking for attractive gals. They look for gals they will be proud to show to their families. Being attractive is only secondary traits but the inner attitude will be the deciding factor.

  • They do not love to see gals who show their desire. He will love it more for those girls that catch their eyes and have a good personality. Attractiveness will never be their utmost preference unless they are not very serious about the relationship.  Many Women in successful relationship have the women men adore and never desire to leave” as their mantra for a blissful and contend love life.

  • If a guy likes or is infatuated towards you, chances are they will forget about their feelings if they were not able to know you personally. They look more in their group of friends.

  • Some of the guys don’t like fashionable type of girls they would like more those who are smart and simple. Guys look you and they will not get away from you.

  • A guy doesn’t get bothered if you are short but it is a concern to him if you are fat. They look for those girls who are disciplined enough to look presentable. It’s them wanting to be recognized by their peers and friends as being with a beautiful woman, who is built, and in shape, not a puffalump who carries a variety of chocolate’s in her pocket and eats unhealthy all day.

  • To laugh behind the guys back are not so cool for them, they get irritated by that joke. They will be looking at you with discontent. It’s the macho image that they portray.

  • They may laugh and joke with you a lot in a bar but they would not want girls who often do drinking and smoking. They will look for those girls that can take away their vices., which in today’s day and age should not be difficult to find.

  • They like constant communication to the gal they like. (or do they like controlling the situation?)

  • They don’t like girls who are late. They may actually be nice but is very angry deep inside. This will be a turn off for most guys. So gals, if you want to stay on their good side you’d better set your clocks a head and step on it sister!

  • They would prefer a gal who has poised ways of caring about herself and do not like those gals who seem to be careless. Guys respect girls who are like that. In other words, the klutz finishes last? Wow, that sucks, I am still a klutz, does that mean I finish last too?

  • They do not like girls who are stronger than they are. Why would they, it deflates their “manhood!”

  • They would love girls who cook but not necessarily the best food. They tend to look for their mom’s way in the girl. That’s old school…..but there is some truth to that.

  • They will love it if you can have a good relationship with his mother., but what if you don’t? Will the friction and tension be too much for a relationship to handle?

  • They love girls who give time to listen to their stories. Listening is very important aspect of any relationship.

  • A boy does not particularly like a girl who is very arrogant. Boys will like you more if you are friendly and matured in your principles. They will look highly on you if he can exchange conversation with you and the talk is so smooth going., but God forbid you step out of like, speak aloof, or with anger…..yikes!

  • They do not like girls who do not use perfumes as bad odor is a he turn off; they are very particular if other boys are looking at you. Guess what? I pay a lot for my Gucci perfume and no man is going to tell me not to wear it!

  • A boy loves the girl who trusts him and will not believe the words of other people until he explains the situation. I believe in second chances,….you should too! I have my jar of wishes……what are you looking for in a partner? How much does he have to be like you, or can he stand alone with his own differences enough to make a relationship work? Can you find a man that makes you laugh, and smile, and forget what day it is when you are around him? Does he like your family, your children? Is he caring, kind and considerate? If you could find the right person, what would you wish for?




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