Have We Gone too Far with Airbrushing?

For soooo soooooo long I have said it over and over…..NO NO NO to airbrushing! Models with flaws are being perfected with the stroke of an airbrush and most don’t even think about the repercussions….We are taking models and celebrities and making it look like they have no imperfections at all, when in fact, we see from other various “rag” magazines that they most certainly do! There is nothing wrong with that….No one has a perfect shape….but young girls that are not mature enough to understand the repercussions of the game think that these women are superstars! These women are put high up on pedestals not by men, but by young girls that want to be like them….so what do they do?They go on crazy diets and starve themselves to look fit and attractive….why? To gain popularity, to fit in to a particular club or social group? tell me someone please……

 It wasn’t only until recently that the Liberal Democrats launched a campaign to ban airbrushing in advertisements aimed at children under 16 years, in order to tackle “body image pressure”. Which kick started the debate once again.The argument against the airbrushing of ad images and images of models, is these images of ultra perfect, digitally altered models are linked to a cause of body dissatisfaction and unhealthy eating in girls and women. It also gives an unrealistic impression of how products/garments look, which can lead to disappoint people if they go to purchase the product. Some people also argue changing how things really are is the same as lying or false advertising which is wrong. Noooooo ya think? Wake up people…..no one looks like that in real life….I don’t care who you are!

 The argument for the use of airbrushing comes from within the media industry, where as a result of airbrushing and photo shopping, products/garments etc are deemed to look more desirable.. Some celebrities and models are against a ban as sometimes they are unhappy with how they look in a picture, with airbrushing being used to make them feel better. Heck, it’s not just the people who are getting airbrushed these days, oh no, its items, products too! Everything has to look just perfect.

 Has society taken the old fashion forms and reasoning for airbrushing too far? You bet they have! When young girls are starving themselves, and hurting themselves to look like a celebrity thinking that they need to stop eating to look as good as “her” while she (the celebrity) is out on the town eating junk and drinking up the house….and why? Because if she gains 5 pounds they’ll just airbrush her thighs and all will be right again.

Tell me….what is that saying to these young girls? The UK just banned this act of “over doing it” with airbrushing and we should too, or at least set some strict boundaries or guidelines. How far is too far!






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