The G-Spot

Soooo many women read articles to learn about this, and yet only few experience the true stimulation that this type of erotic blow can endure….It’s time to get to the basics and learn where it is, how it operates, and how to master it.The G-Spot to so many is a complete mystery, but in reality is easy to find and easy to stimulate. Let’s take a look at how? The two sexual positions below, are guaranteed to stimulate the G-Spot and give a woman fantastic orgasms. Lets give you an exact road map on how to find it and then show you how to stimulate it….. then you can be the judge. We welcome your comments and would love to hear from the women who already know of their g-spot and from those who just discovered the sense of pleasure they got when they did hit to bulls eye!

 What is the G-spot?

 The “G” in the word G-spot is for the discoverer of a mysterious area found in the vagina. His name was Ernst Grafenberg, hence the “G” in his honor.

Actually the G-spot is an area, not a spot, and could be considered bean shaped.

Technically it’s the woman’s analog to the man’s prostate, and known as the Para urethral gland. It appears as spongy tissue about 30 centimeters from the vagina’s entrance, located on the frontal vaginal wall (facing the abdomen and not the back).

This area is about the size of  a nickle and can easily be distinguished from other parts of the vaginal wall by its ridges. Moreover, as the woman becomes sexually excited, these ridges become harder and more pronounced, as they are composed of erectile tissue (as are the penis and nipples). With enough stimulation, the G-spot area engorges with blood, becomes highly sensitive, and can (and will) cause a profound orgasm if stimulated correctly.

The Best Way to Find the G-spot!

Here is a simple but powerful technique, to find and stimulate the G-spot and give you partner a mind blowing orgasm.

With the woman placed on her back, legs spread at a comfortable distance, begin to lubricate her vaginal opening. This may be done manually (with the hand and fingers), or with the tongue (cunnilingus). As the vagina become moist and as the labia gentle part, insert a well lubricated (saliva is sufficient in this case) finger.

The index finger is ideal. Thinking as the vagina a clock, the G-spot will be about 30 cm (give or take 3 cm) from 11:45 to 12:15. It is on the upper wall (opposite the belly button) and you will feel the ridges. This is the general area.

You can test the area by gently tapping with your index finger (or index and 2nd finger if it pleases the woman) in rhythmical method. The first “ouu” will indicate you have found it. To increase its general stimulation, use your thumb (also well lubricated) to gently stimulate the clitoris, as many anatomists believe the G-spot is actually the root area of the clitoris itself. The ridges will become more pronounced. Usually as this point, the woman will be most desirous for normal penetration.

 Two Famous Sex Positions to Stimulate the G-spot

1. Women on Top

Any of the variations of the woman on top will usually stimulate the G-spot, as the woman on top positions gives the woman the control she needs to direct the penis to its target.

A most successful woman on top positions is where the woman mounts the man, facing him in a sitting up position at first, but slowly lowering herself to the man’s chest.

The uterus will shorten, and the man’s penis will be pushing directly on the G-spot. Her orgasm will follow very quickly, and multiple orgasms are possible with the man having good self-control

2. From Behind

The so-called doggy style is also good (although not as good as the woman on top) for stimulation of the G-spot. The man’s penis will actually be bent downwards (the vagina has the power to bend the erect penis) and the strong rhythmical thrusting of the man can also highly stimulate the G-spot. FINALLY!

Once a woman has experienced an orgasm from dual clitoral and G-spot stimulation, and having experienced the enormous pleasure it brings, she will wish to join with that man that brought to her such satisfaction, again and again (and again)


The G-Spot is shrouded in mystery but it shouldn’t be! Its easy enough to find and easy enough to stimulate and any women will appreciate a man who can do this! Finding the “G” is exciting and stimulating to say the least…..lets take a ride on the “G”…and I’m not referring to the train in NYC. It’s time to head south!

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