Does Your Underwire Bra Poke You?

Ladies, if you are like myself, I am sure that sometime in the history of wearing underwire bras you have had to deal with a really sore subject…the wire popping out and either pricking your armpit or worse, between your cleavage leaving your sore and irritated. Why on earth does this happen?

All I ever wear is underwire bras. Years back, I blamed this wire popping issue on everything under the sun; poor quality, crappy material, it was on sale,… so you ‘get what you pay for’ and everything else I could think of. Then….I got into the lingerie business and really researched lingerie and all women’s intimate apparel product and with this “poking underwire” always nagging at me I decided to really look into it further and find out just why this happens. Guess what? I did, and to my dismay I learned that they only reason (most of the time) that these wires come popping out and annoy the hell out of us is because we purchased the wrong size bra. I’ve always been a 36B.Wow, did they just say my boobs are too big for the bra? Hallelujah! Finally I have something worth noticing! That’s right gals, I’ve grown and now I am a 36C which means I was smashing too much into a space not fit for the purpose. Sure it looked good and built my confidence, and the guys thought I had a nice rack, but at what cost? Rashes, and sores from wires pricking me to death? It is irritating and uncomfortable to say the very least!

Recent studies show that if you buy the size that you ‘think’ you wear verse purchasing the size that your cups truly are this problem will be inevitable. Think about it, honestly, it’d be like trying to park  an extended cab pick-up truck in your garage when it was 2 feet too long for the garage. It won’t work. It’s the same thing with underwear, trying to stuff your boobs into a bra that is too small . Sure it may look all hotsie totsie but gals, it’s not good for your breasts. They need room to breathe. All that heat bundled up in a small compartment is enough to mak anything go POP!

 Let me ask you this then….Have you ever gotten a rash under your breasts that you can’t seem to shake and you had no idea how you got it or why it won’t go away? People say its from the heat, or wrong soap, bla bla bla….Nope! It’s because your bra is too tight for you and there is no room for air to circulate, leaving built up moisture/body heat with nowhere to escape. Dermatologists will give you meds and send you on your way with an invoice for some $100+ dollars. You’ll still have the problem. Try my suggestion first will you? My guess is that it will resolve your issue. Now then, if it’s too late and the issue at hand is making you quite uncomfortable to wear a bra or clothing against your skin, you may need to make the call.

 Someone said to me once; I’ve noticed an odd odor coming from the skin under my breasts when it gets sweaty, ok, honestly that was TMI but nonetheless, I listened. She stated that it almost smelled like white glue, and she said noticed a whitish residue. Having taken this path as well, (and I am NO expert in the medical field) my suggestion would be, you could have a number of skin diseases (because of this one issue “the bra”.)  You could have a candida (yeast) or fungal infection.  You could have an intertrigo which is inflammation in an interreligious area ie under the arms, groin (panties too tight?) , and under the breasts (bra too small.)  You can try a powder like Zeasorb AF because the problem is the moisture under the breasts which cause this problems.  The other medication that can help is prescription Vytone Cream 1% , or my favorite that works almost overnight is Mycolog 2% cream used twice a day. These are not over the counter, so if it gets bad you may need to seek the help of a dermatologist. Don’t suffer if you don’t have to. Please, get the rash looked! 

Once your feeling better;

Go out and buy a new bra, or a few. Pay very close attention also to what type material your bras are made of. Read the tags. You might have reactions to the material itself too. Get measured so that you can find out your true size. Make sure that you leave room for your breasts to breathe, where air can circulate otherwise you’ll sweat and that moisture will just stay there. If you are dealing with these 3 issues, there are solutions.

Poor Fit

  • A common cause of bra line pain is poor fit. Many women are unaware of how to choose the proper bra size, so they experience pain and discomfort from wearing ill-fitting bras. When a woman feels she is familiar with her bra size, she will often buy a bra off the rack without trying it on, but all bras are not created equally. In the same way that clothing fit can vary among different designers, bra fit can vary as well. Depending on the style and design of the bra, not every bra marked your size will fit you properly.


  • Most large-breasted women view underwire as a necessary evil. They need the added support that underwire gives, but that underwire can sometimes cause mild to severe pain. If you are experiencing bra line pain due to underwire, check the construction of your bra. Make sure the material covering the underwire is intact and in good shape, and make sure it has not been damaged by the underwire. Worn out or damaged fabric, or wearing a bra that is years and years too old, too comfy but you don’t want to part with allows the  leading cause for the wire to poke through, causing even more pain. This can all be avoided.

Type of Bra

  • Wearing a poorly-constructed bra or one that is constructed from cheap materials can also contribute to bra line pain, especially if you have large breasts. Larger breasted women in particular need the extra support that a well-constructed bra provides. When a bra is not constructed correctly, it will not fit your body correctly and it will be uncomfortable to wear. You will have to spend a bit more money on a bra that is comfortable and fits properly, but you should consider it an investment in your health and wellness. Take care of your delicates and in return, they will take care of you! Sexy is fun! So is wearing lingerie and being pain free! Shop for sexy matching  bra & panty sets!


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