ArE YoU iN sHaPe?

Ladies, they say we are what we eat…so if that’s the case, I’m in big trouble… because I would be a great big Hostess Cupcake, or Chester Cheetah because I L-O-V-E cheetos! I eat bad from time to time! Yes, these foods are my downfall. I have them, you have them, we are human. We’re not perfect. We have cravings just like everybody else. Some people turn to sweets, alcohol, or nicotine, I turn to good ole’ Mr. Hostess. Is it right, no. Does it feel good? You bet it does. However, by eating these unhealthy foods for a duration of time, it weakens us and the sugar turns to fat. What does that mean? FLAB! What happens then when we eat and do not pay attention to our girlie figures? Well for starters, we develop “Jello Jigglers”…better known as  flabby arms,…don’t pretend you have no idea what that is….you know that skin that shakes and wiggles and makes up feel so uncomfortable to wear sleeveless tops and cutsie dresses…how does one shake the flab and turn it into tone flesh the ‘right way?’

Too many people do the crash diets and neglect the rules. They say we didn’t become the shapes that we are overnight, so naturally it’s not going to go away over night. Don’t just dive into trying to look super sexy and super tone. Muscle takes time. So when do we actually get the jiggles of flab and why? Underarm flab develops when people are inactive, overweight or both. People over age 40 are more likely to develop underarm flab since metabolism naturally slows and muscle strength automatically declines with age, according to Nevertheless, you can take healthy steps toward preventing or getting rid of underarm flab, including following a proper diet and exercise program. Losing weight  and reducing overall fat, as well as participating not only in aerobic exercise but also in strength training, are crucial for eliminating underarm flab, according to In fact, without some sort of regular strength training exercise, it’s difficult to regain lost muscle or maintain shapely arms.

What about toning your ass? What are the things that you need to do get your ass/buttocks back in shape? Please, someone tell me becuase mine needs serious help. I swear it’s genetic. All the women in my family have this ass. I’m not saying I want to lose it, I’d like to firm it up a bit. I work hard to do it, and then I get back off exercise. Only recently did I begin running again, and with my knee injury

Cardio Training

It is necessary that you need to do some cardio training when you attempt to tone your buttocks. Make sure that the cardio training that you undertake helps you work on the lower part of the body. For this, it is necessary to opt for workouts like walking, running, using the step machine or climbing the staircase. Don’t be afraid to sweat, …like milk, it does a body good!

You can start this training with a lower intensity and then improve the speed as well as the duration of the training as your body feels comfortable. In the gym, you can work on an elliptical trainer by keeping the resistance high so that the buttock gets toned.

Strength Training

Along with cardio training, it is also important that you do some strength training to

See good results. Some of the popular strength training exercises that will help you tone your lower body include squats, lunges, bridges and step exercises. With the help of this training, you will not only be able to tone your buttocks, but your entire lower body like thigh muscles and calf muscles will get into shape.

Once you start doing the lunges and squats, you can also use weights and dumbbells to see very good results. If you do a good mix of strength and cardio exercises, then you will have a good mix of exercises to tone your buttocks. Plan your workout and make it work with your schedule. Remember, one day at a time, and soon you’ll have the shapelky body you want and deserve!

Abs? Who doesn’t want a six-pack?

Getting a tone set of abdominals is not as difficult as it may seem, you do need to have a good set of exercises that fit with your fitness level. You are going to want to choose exercises that are simple, that target the muscle groups you want and that are going to require a minimal amount of equipment. There are complex exercise routines that promise you perfect results but you can get the same results using simpler techniques. The crunch is considered an effective and time-honored exercise when it comes to toning the abs. It can however be hard on certain areas of the body especially if you are doing them on a hard surface such as the floor. You can alienate some of that by elevating your feet with the use of an exercise ball or even by using your couch to rest your legs. Hey, take it slow!

This changes the stress on the back and helps to eliminate some of the issues that comes from the use of this exercises. Instead of doing sit ups consider modifying the crunch exercise to include leg work. This works the lower abdominals and when added to the crunching motion works the middle abdominal region as well. Using the legs works the lower abdominals something that can be missed with regular exercises that work the abdominals only. This is because the use of the legs are required for these exercises so motions like the twists and crunches are unable to meet the needs of toning up this area. Before getting started consider taking the time to find out what your fitness level is. Listen, don’t jump into this and think your going to look like one of those fabulous bodybuilders on t or in magazines. They take much work to get their bodies to look incredible, and they make the sacrifices that many of us don’t, can’t or won’t. It’s all in how determined you are to have the best body you can have, and the question at hand is “How bad do you want it?”

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