Simply Luscious Lingerie

Hello Ladies! Are you ready for our new sister company of Simply Delicious Lingerie?

Simply Luscious Lingerie, your new plus size lingerie headquarters is on it’s way! It’s that time again….We need your advice, suggestions,comments and opinions! We’re going to soon begin building our new plus size lingerie website with flirty lingerie that you will love to wear! Our sexy lingerie patterns and styles will be captivating, breathtaking, and desirable! You will look so hot that you’ll make you spouse, partner, husband scream with delight! Your confidence level will peak to new heights!

 Our mission is to bring to you sexy lingerie at classy, inexpensive lingerie, at discounted prices that you can afford. We will have women’s intimate apparel for you, designed, hand selected, and just a click away from purchase on our easy to navigate website where we respect you and your privacy. We realize that this is personal, so we ship your erotic lingerie in very discreet packages, and we value your confidentiality! We give you our word that we are a secure site and a safe place to shop!

In order to make this site a complete success, I need your help! This site is my dream, but it is all of you who will make it a reality! So please, take a brief moment, and write me. I hear women that are plus sizes constantly saying “No one ever asks us what we want?” or….”why doesn’t the store carry more of ___?”

Now it can, you you will have the ultimate place to shop, where pampering is toxic, sexy and seductive are going to take on a whole new meaning, and flirty lingerie will become spicy lingerie just for you! One stop, one stop, JUST PLUS SIZES. It’s a store built about you, and for all of you! Please respond to the comments section in the blog, or email me directly at:

Thank You,

Michele Savin, Owner/CEO

Simply Luscious Lingerie 

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