WhY Do MeN DodGe RoMaNTic HoLiDaYs?

Today is Sweetest Day, ahhh yes another romantic holiday and where are your sweeties ladies? My guess is that they are so far away from you that you won’t see or hear from them until this day, much like Christmas, and Valentines Day blow over. Why? 1) They are afraid a woman would think they are in a committed relationship and that you owe her more, or… 2) They are far too cheap! I mean really….the new iPhone came out recently, think about it,… they’d rather buy themself a new toy than do something for a woman. My guess is ‘A’ buy himself a toy, why…selfish and cheap. Most men are so cheap when it comes to a woman so guys, if you are reading this and you did not do something for your sweetie today, please, pick her up something to show you care for God sakes and prove to me that not all men are assholes. Please don’t take this out of text guys, I know that there are so many of you who plan these romantic holidays for months…if this describes you, I only have two things to say, “Wow!” and do you have a ‘single’ brother my age?  

The seeming inability of men to remember important dates continues to be a major cause of pain in relationships and a leading cause of sleeping alone. Since the beginning of time women have been asking the question : Are men ignorant, hurtful beasts who take their wives and girlfriends completely for granted or are they tragic, pitiful beings with a genetic inability to do the right thing? Sad to say, yes, a lot are…

While this explanation seems convenient for men, “It’s not my fault Honey! I’m not genetically prepared to remember your birthday!” I would say to you fellas, if you forgot your sweeties birthday you have bigger problems than Sweetest Day my man! With this being said; it also suggests that the women in their lives should be providing more “challenge” at home – an idea bound to make any man very uncomfortable! Stop treating this problem as a serious blind-spot and compensating for it. Fortunately the cure is very simple guys : Buy a calendar and mark the important dates. Make a habit of checking the calendar every day and preparing for those dates in advance. How long does it take to buy a card? Flowers? A gift? No longer than it takes you to check the halftime scores of the football game. If you are amongst that certain percentile that does forget..and unless you have moves like Floyd Mayweather and you can think fast, you’re going down boys! Be prepared to deal with a very hormonal woman who is about to make your weekend a living hell and one surely that will make you not forget.

When I say most men, I mean not all, some are actually responsible and charming and do not fit this description, but the other 76% of you do fit the selfish mode. Did you know that the 3 most popular romantic holidays for a man to break up with a woman, or tells her that he just wants to ‘be alone’ is because he is a coward and is afraid to commit, or truth at hand, he doesn’t want to spend the money on her. Wow, to these guys I say, enjoy talking dirty to your iphone. I hope she listens to you when you have real problems. Good grief…grow up and get responsible!

There are good men one whom can adhere to this, as my friend Steve thinks of me all the time. I get more flowers from that man most often for no really other than to just make me smile, and it is ONLY because of wonderful guys like him that I am not attacking all of you today. 

So why don’t men care? Is it different when you’re married? Well, not if you were married to a selfish sports nut like I was. One year I was so excited that it was Sweetest Day and where was my husband? At the MSU vs. Notre Dame Game in East Lansing. He came home at 7 o’clock that evening smelling like a brewery, and tired…when I had a nice dinner cooked and sent the kids to a friends so that I could romance him…keep in mind, I planned this for days…what did I get, a look on his face like “OH SHIT” ….and a gift bag all torn up with a ND sweatshirt in it that was “his size” a kiss and a Happy Sweetest Day honey! Seriously? Was I going to fall for this crap? Nope… He forgot, and there were to be no excuses. I do have to make mention that while being married to this man for 15 years, he always thought of me, and he never forgot a holiday. One slip up is not a big deal, but at that moment when they do it, you have to wonder….Why do men forget these days when we women cherish them? I know that they’re mechanism is not the same as our and that the same things that make us happy don’t affect them to say the least…but really? Where is the compassion?

I’ve been single now for 13 years and oodles and oodles of holidays. When I lived in Michigan a few of my other single friends and I would grill or go out for a nice steak dinner to celebrate. We weren’t celebrating the holiday for the reasons you think…we were celebrating because we no longer had to deal with a selfish mans excuses or immature ways on a Hallmark Holiday. It gets old guys, really it does. If you don’t want to be around a woman or if you lead her to believe that you care when in fact, you’re just looking to get laid, grow up. Where are the holidays for us single people who like being single? Mr. Hallmark, shame on you for not coming up with something, I mean really? Do you know how much $$$ you could seriously be making and yet you sit back and do nothing. Who does  your advertising campaigns because they really suck and they’ve truly cost you a fortune! Do the math.

Listen guys, it really does not take much to make a woman happy. If you care about someone and you want to do something nice, here is your chance to do so. If you already have the weekend or this evening planned out for your partner kuddos to you! If you are amongst the population who only seems to care about ‘you’…please, make like a bear,..crawl back in your cave and come out in the spring when all of these romantic holidays have passed over.

In closing, really what a woman wants, and what she needs are two different things….we don’t want the world served to us on a silver platter, but some nice gesture would certainly be sweet to know that you remembered. It would have only taken you 5 minutes to go to www.SimplyDeliciousLingerie.com and choose your lady something hand selected by our staff just for her. Still, it’s not too late..show her that you care, and treat both of you to some erotic lingerie…this might be the only thing that saves you.



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